Free Lettuce + Free Sprouts = Salad Season!


Below is a salad I fixed myself after a nourishing yoga class. Butter and red leaf lettuce, and broccoli sprouts drizzled in fresh lemon, topped with 1/2 an organic avocado, a whole bosc pear and two organic clementines. Delish! Fresh and alkalizing.


Later I made this deliciousness:

  • Kelp Noodles (found at Whole Foods in the meat alternatives section beside the tofu/kimchi/kraut) 
  • 1 Soft Boiled Organic Cage Free Egg
  • 1 Heaping T Nutritional Yeast
  • Sprinkling of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (one of my FAVORITES that appears in most of my recipes)
  • Organic Baby Spinach
  • Organic Green Kale (very lightly steamed)
  • Organic Collard Greens (very lightly steamed)



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