Harnessing the Power of Dreams

I had the urge to write an essay tonight and, for once, I didn’t have a theme in mind. So I grabbed my iPhone and went to my “Notes” app, where I store important information for easy access. Everything from my grocery list to little tidbits of writing inspiration that I gather along the way are stored there. So I was looking through my notes and found myself just adding to my “to read” list, adding details to writing prompts, deleting blurbs I no longer felt drawn to…when I came to a section of old dreams. I’d documented a few details of one I’d had many months, just enough to be able to recall the dream, and had wanted to delete it several times. I kept thinking, What could I possibly write about this?

Well today it struck a chord with me. The note said this, “1 bdr turned into 4 hidden rooms…No care about shared bath…Only cared about having yoga space.” Apart from some hideously improper use of the English language exhibited there (mind you I typed these details in with one eye halfway open at probably 3am), I am able to recall the dream from those few details. In the dream I had been house hunting. I’m a stickler for wanting my own room and my own bathroom and, in the dream, this house had a shared bathroom. I remember bounding from one room to the next trying to decide which one I wanted when I realized there was a sort of trap door in one. I peeled away the door and crept into a whole other room! From there three more rooms emerged, in different parts of the house, as though I’d found a “secret garden” of sorts, within the four walls. The room that was to become mine was almost like a family room, rectangular in shape, a few steps led down into it, and it was well lit with big, expansive windows. Outside was lush greenery, a street view. I remember thinking, Man I’ll have to get a lot of curtains if I’m ever going to change in here. And jeez, everyone’s going to see me practice yoga!”

In this dream bedroom I had so much yoga space. In real life I consider this as important, if not more important than having my own bathroom. The dream brought it to my attention that it was actually a bigger priority, to have a sacred space in which to practice.

I could take many things from this dream…that I need a space for my yoga practice in my bedroom, since I don’t yet have my own home where I can dedicate an open space in the common area to my practice, ensuring no interruptions. It could mean that one situation, if delved into more deeply, could have the capacity to open up into many opportunities. It could be sending the message that things are not always what they seem. It could also be communicating that we manifest what it is that is truly important to us.

I don’t know for sure, I’m not a dream analyst. I have a few dream books, but I haven’t looked up any of the key components of this dream. I had forgotten all about this dream until tonight. I’d been focusing more on other dreams, like the one I wrote about last night, and some other intuitive dreams I’ve had in the past week or two.

I’ve dreamt about birth and death, and more about birth. I’ve dreamt I was pregnant, actually giving birth, holding my baby, pregnant again. Dream after dream of pregnancy (and I’m certain without a shred of doubt that I’m not pregnant in real life), signifying the birth of a new chapter in my young adult life, if I could go out on a limb and guess. I also dreamt that my dog was dying, and that I was holding her. I dreamt that I told her I loved her, and asked her if she heard me, and she said yes. My dog is 12, lives at my parents, and is not dying. I miss her everyday and I’m certain my dream had nothing to do with actually losing her one day, and everything to do with the closing of a chapter in my life. Perhaps it had to do with loss in general.

I’m fascinated by dream analysis and, quite obviously given the mumbo jumbo of my nonsense you just finished reading, I know very little about it. What I do know for certain is that intuitive dreaming exists. Events happen in dreams, certain words, colors, experiences, animals, what-have-you stand out and are memorable enough to trigger a recollection of the the dream the following day.

What does this have to do with anything, you ask? What does it have to do with your life?

It has to do with the power of the mind. We spend all day thinking, many of us spend all day with racing thoughts. We’re constantly planning, learning, teaching, communicating, recalling, memorizing, questioning, answering…the brain is on go, go, go mode constantly…this is one reason a yoga practice is so deeply beneficial, as well as a meditation practice. Learning to train the mind, to manipulate thoughts into undulating waves of calm energy, leaning to slow down and quiet everything…these all heighten our intuition. I believe that by quieting the chatter, we heighten our ability to hear, more clearly, what is really going on in our hearts, in our heads. It is when we have a less chaotic mind that we remember more of our dreams. It is when we are in sync with our own rhythms that our dreams can be accessed as intuitive tools to living a more aware life.

Even if you know nothing about dreams, the process can still be beneficial. Say you have a dream about a cat. The next morning a cat crosses your path on your walk to work and you think, Wow! I dreamt about a cat! I intuitively manifested this experience via my dream! Did you really? It’s not likely. But does the idea make you feel good, powerful, in touch with your own psyche? Yes, it probably does. So is it beneficial? Totally.

Anything that we can do to enhance our experience as human beings, our enjoyment of the day to day, our fulfillment in these transient bodies, the development of our active minds, is spectacular. It’s a gift. If something as simple as remembering a dream allows you to tap into your inner consciousness, your divine intuition, then you are enriching your experience as a human being. Our minds are energy and we create our own reality, so why shouldn’t we interpret our own dreams? Why shouldn’t we fall passionately and madly in love with the idea of having some special connection to the unmapped territory that our brains cover each night as we recharge? It’s a pretty invigorating thought, to be able to channel our dream energy, the energy that we spend nearly eight hours every night cultivating, towards our own higher good. Towards our own intuition, our own waking purpose.

That being said, I don’t know factually for certain what any of my recent dreams have to do with my current state of affairs, but I have a pretty clear idea, intuitively. And that makes me feel good. I feel empowered, as though my consciousness is playing a role in what’s happening outside of my control. Some people don’t even remember their dreams. I’ll tell you one thing, the dreams that I remember most clearly are those I’ve written down. I like to keep a pad of paper and a pen in my bedside drawer so that I can scribble some details down in the middle of the night if I wake from a particularly affecting dream.

vividly remember dreams that I had seven years ago, even a dream that I had sixteen years ago, because I wrote them down. They are forever etched in my mind as though they are true memories, as though they were true, physical experiences. THAT’S the power of the mind! So whether or not you take anything from your dreams, maybe try writing down the details of the next one you remember. Chew on it for a few days, see if anything in your day to day life triggers the memory, or resonates with the dream in any outstanding way. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Experiment with the capacity of the mind. As they say in The Secret, “thoughts become things.” Imagine if you could harness the power of your own dreams? If you could use that to infuse your intuition in your life when you’re awake! Anything is possible. Harness that power. Remember, “thoughts become things.” Give it a go, see where it takes you.

Sweet Dreams 🙂


One thought on “Harnessing the Power of Dreams

  1. This is from a blog post on facebook i did about a year ago.

    Had a dream last night that has shaken me up. It’s the first dream since I was a kid that i awoke screaming from. Heart just racing and covered in sweat. So, I decided to write it down. During the dream or after I’m not sure, I realized I had the same dream a few weeks before just not to completion.

    It started weird with me on a quest of some sort to shoot(get rid) some form of some kind (person,life form not sure).Don’t know who told me to go on this quest but i was out in a place that I cannot recall ever being at anytime in my life. It was open but hilly with a tree in the distance(tree of life?). I kept looking for what it was I had to take care of and could not anything see anything where. As I waited and looked out in the distance at the tree a weird cloud started to emerge from the tree enveloping me causing me great uncomfortable and distress. With a profound uneasiness starting to come over me.

    I can remember feeling a great unsettling in my mind as if I was being watched or looked at by something I could not see, just a feeling of a presence was around me that I didn’t like. As I became scared and unpleasant with this cloud my mind started racing with fear.

    Taking the gun that I had with me I started to fire shots into the cloud that now had moved back to the tree. I started to unload the bullets into cloud(mist?) The cloud started to take the form of something but still not resembling the form of anything in particular. Just
    knew I didn’t like the presence and wanted (needed?) to get rid of it. Each time I took a shot the form started to grow in size getting bigger and yet smaller at the same time. almost like it was feeding on the energy of the bullets. Until I unloaded the bullets into the form and went to reload did I realize that I had no extra bullets.

    At this time the cloud(mist?) started to change color growing in size and form, turning in to a funnel cloud of a tornado. Starting to run for my life as it grew and became larger and larger, I found myself being chased down by this tornado. running to a tree that has appeared from now where I took the gun wrapping it around a branch as the wind became to to much to stand against. Holding onto the gun i remember the physical feeling of being lifted off the ground and into the air as the tornado fully enveloped me. The wind was so intense with everything flying around causing my vision to blur.

    That’s when I remember being lifted up into the tornado and yelling as I was lifted away. Suddenly, a dark male human form( dark as in Indian)with dark red lipstick came right by me looking at me, causing me to yell out as if this is who I was trying to shot.Floating by me almost touching me,causing me even more distress, it seemed to be inspecting me. Almost touching me but never touching or harming me. Each time it came by, it stared into my eyes not with anger or malice, but as if trying to study my minds thought or inner thinking’s. Still leaving me uncomfortable and scared each time it would pass by. In all I think it was 4 to 6 times not sure as everything was starting to blur together. The only thing that stood out was this form. As it would pass by i would cry out, until the last time i awoke yelling out in my bed. I did have a strange feeling once I awoke that I was not alone in my room. And my cat that was sleeping with me wanted no part of being in my room anymore or no part of me. Once I had calmed down I felt uneasy that I was not alone.

    Was it God? Was he trying to tell me something? Was he trying to tell me everything was going to be alright? Is the tornado everything in the world that is meant to harm me? Was he testing me to trust in him as he will never harm us? Is there something in my life that
    I need to do? complete? Is it there are somethings that don’t have closure in my life that should be fixed? Or was it just the powerful mind at work? Which I don’t think so, we can look to Joesph in the bible as he was a dream interpret.

    So if anyone has some insight, or knows of some books to read about dream interpertaion. Please let me know. As this is still vivid on my mind almost like a life experience that one has in the flesh world.


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