Sunday Note

Desperately wanting to be in the studio practicing today but am instead taking my practice out into nature. I am learning to listen to my body, to trust my body. By feeding the non-asana components of my practice, I am preparing my body to come back stronger and fully healed. I am fortifying my knowledge that I am neither my mind nor my body. I am heightening my awareness to my utmost capacity – spending time in nature, practicing pranayama, deeply connecting with my precious thread of awareness. 
I’ve had more anxiety than usual lately, what with having learned that I must move and uproot myself during such a poignant time of my life (200 RYTT), and found myself overstretched and sore and hurting from my asana practices last week. That led to nothing but guilt, self-depricacy and more anxiety. 
Yoga is my coping mechanism. It is what keeps me breathing, keeps me sane, keeps me brimming with life. I say, “One cannot help but become a bit addicted to one’s asana practice” fully knowing what a novice statement that is to make. And I trust that these lessons are delivered to those of us still struggling with that “addiction,” that EGO, that need to be as good as we were yesterday. It permeates the asana practice, makes us lazy in listening to our bodies, leads to over-stretching, overdoing, over-analyzing. These lessons are delivered, gently, so we may learn that our practice is only partly asana. The practice is so much more than what we do on our mats. We are BLESSED to be physically able to practice asana! Many are not so blessed, and yet still practice deep and all-encompassing yoga. I am JUST beginning to understand…I am just beginning to understand.
So I take my practice into nature today. To walk, to hike, to nurture my soul and cultivate deep breath. To set an intention for this new chapter in my life and to promote healing in my body so as to return to the studio this week with a more sophisticated sense of what it means to be alive in this body, to be aware in this body. 
I am so grateful for yoga. The practice is, little by little, saving my soul. 
I wish nothing but utmost love, light and wellness to you all on this bright, beautiful Sunday. May you also listen to your bodies and hearts equally, nourish your souls holistically, and bathe in the gratitude that comes from doing so.
Wishing you ABUNDANCE ♥ 



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