A Taste of the Magic of Pranayama and Ayurveda

Would you believe me if I told you I developed (yet another) passion today?

Teacher training today was another incredible experience. A beautiful pranayama practice, led by my brilliant teacher Mynx Inatsugu, left me intensely moved. I literally had an out of body experience. Breath work has a very powerful effect on me, personally. Due in large part I’m sure to my busy, go-go-go, Pitta constitution. I’m a busy body, busy mind, often brewing anxious chatter and nervous energy. That is not my nature, but it’s the nature I’ve developed over my lifespan. Our nature is changeable, malleable, I’ve written about this before. We are adaptable. We change, constantly. Both pranayama and Ayurveda have the capacity to change our constitution for the better, to leave us healthier, brighter, more balanced, harmonious.

Pranayama is broken up into two words: Prana and Ayama.

Prana: life force

Ayama: to extend/expand/increase

Pranayama is the practicing of building or extending life force by regulating the breath. Words taken directly from my teacher, Mynx.

The practice of pranayama is known to have potent effects on the body, and this differs from person to person. Pranayama is especially known to reduce tamas. Tamas, in essence, is inertia, dullness, heaviness…the gunas are a whole other essay completely, so I digress…

I am only a student, so I will stick to writing about my personal experience with pranayama. My teacher has told me it’s a time release practice, and I have experienced this first hand. I’ve left viniyoga and had an incredible evolution of energy over the ensuing 48 hours. Even today, in a short viniyoga-esque asana practice followed by a pranayama practice, I was left in a sincerely profound energetic state. I literally felt the most separate from my body, in that savasana, than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Out of all my meditation, pranayama and asana practices, today’s left me feeling the most affected. I suppose the change is that I’ve just undergone five months of yoga teacher training and my energy channel is completely alive.

So, with my prana strong and flowing after this experience, we moved into Ayurveda. Abbie Rockwell, a brilliant certified Ayurvedic practitioner from Marin County, came and introduced us to the exquisite life science of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is defined as the science of life.

Ayurveda is broken up into two words: Ayur and Veda.

Ayur: Life

Veda: Wisdom/Knowledge

In a grand nutshell, and in Abbie’s words, Ayurveda’s purpose is to attain balance in daily life whilst living and existing in nature.

Our bodies are in tune with mother earth, they always have been, and the shroud that dulls this truth is the modern world (essentially). We’re operating on completely different wavelengths than beings were 5,000 years ago when Ayurveda was originally developed by “The Seers” (the Richis) in India.

The benefits of Ayurveda, I learned today, are to maximize one’s potential as a human being, to live healthfully and be well, to live in balance and harmony and, for some, to follow the path to Enlightenment.

There is something Abbie presented to us today called the “Five Element Theory.” The five element theory deals with the five elements, ether, air, fire, water and earth. These elements relate directly to the Doshas, defined as “imbalances.” Abbie explained that we are all born with our own distinct blend of the three doshas, unique to our DNA. As we age, we develop imbalances based directly on our natural environment, very detailed and specific experiences. There’s a wealth of information out there in terms of discovering one’s constitution, and I highly recommend looking into it.

I’ve studied a fair amount of Ayurveda over the past few years, on my own, but knew only a tiny amount until today. Today my eyes were opened to the incredible, healing world of Ayurveda.

The three doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Again, there’s tons of literature and wisdom out there to to further educate you on your own personal dosha, and I will write more in depth in the future about all three constitutions.

I personally am Pitta, through and through. With some potential Vata imbalances. The science of Ayurveda provides us with exact recommendations for living, and an Ayurvedic lifestyle is one that can prove incredibly healing, balancing and healthful. I’m looking so forward to attending some workshops and seminars on Ayurveda so I can further dive into this brilliant science. I hope to study it one day, and possibly even become a certified practitioner, as I feel it would work perfectly in conjunction with my YogaWorks Certification and my upcoming studies at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition.

This, my loves, is just a taster…I will be writing so much more about this. I just wanted to get some of the magic out there, the magic of pranayama and Ayurveda…

So much more to come. Can you feel the magic?


image via http://positiveayurvedic.blogspot.com


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