I am saying yes to embodying tranquility, serenity, calm. I am saying yes to living as a holistically well being of light. I am saying yes to the manifestation of my dreams.

It’s quite a journey, coming to terms with one’s dreams. I’m unendingly grateful for the light that’s been shed on my path by the Universe. I spent a long time lost. A long time in the throes of the “who am I,” trekking through the mud that stuck fast around my ankles. I spent a long time trapped in my past.

The light is so warm, healing and vibrant when you’ve lived in darkness.

It doesn’t matter in which stage you find yourself now; you yourself may be in the throes, floundering around in the dark, or perhaps the light has become visible up ahead…maybe you’re even dancing in a warm pool of golden light. Wherever you are, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you believe this is a journey. That you grasp with all of your consciousness that this life is a journey. It’s not meant to be well lit the whole way through. It’s not meant to make sense every step of the way. It’s not meant to be rosy and delightful with every breath.

If it were, we would never grow.

Think of a plant. It grows in fertile soil. What can be used as fertilizer? Decomposed plants, animal manure, compost of coffee grounds, peels, cores, the like…it’s all waste! It’s a cyclical process, plants decompose and their waste grows new plants…it’s a process of life, growth, death, rebirth.  It’s meant to be this way.

We must rot for a spell in our own waste in order to shed the layers and be reborn. Rebirthing of dreams, relationships, ideas. It’s all in our hands. All we have to do is believe, know in the depths of our core, that it’s all happening in a cycle. It’s a process. We’re operating in the rhythms of nature. Things are unveiled to us – opportunities, lessons, realizations – in due time. With purpose. Trust the process. 

It’s the trust in this growth that makes the light so much lighter when we find it. It’s the trust in this growth that gets us through the future spells of darkness. We may never traipse through the pitch black again, but the light will go dim, inevitably. The cycle will spin, there will be fears, doubts and moments of complete despair. But, if we carry the light within us, we can see our way through any eclipse.

It’s through this trust in growth that we harbor the light. 

So be. Be unabashedly here, feet planted in moist, fertile soil. Dig your toes in. Be unafraid of the missteps because it’s through bold, faithful trust of this earthly process that we harness our true potential. It’s through this process that we are reborn. 



5 thoughts on “Rebirth

  1. I keep going back in reading this. It’s something we all need to believe and trust. Dumbledore once said, ““Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.” Wise he is, that ol’ Dumbledore. Namaste. =)

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