What can we do to get more comfortable with the UNcomfortable? How can we find ease in the effort, sub sweetness for strain? 
If we harden, we become a big, heavy block of energy, and we must trek over the obstacle or wait for a door to open…but if we soften, we will find ways to flow freely through the challenge…discovering pockets and crevices to move through, with suddenly so many a way over the mountain…

When we soften we gain power. We increase our opportunities. It so often feels the opposite. If I harden in my resolve, if I stubbornly stick to one method, if I hold true to this one belief, I will succeed…yadda yadda yadda. It’s not true. It’s almost never true. It might be true but it will take a very long time and there will be very little beauty in it. There is little beauty in stubbornness. 

Instead, soften. Melt into the crevices, seep through the challenge and come fluidly out the other side like water, unfazed by the traverse. You might bob and create waves in the chaos, but you will not fall apart. Hardness will crack and crumble, but softness is supple, it bends.

Be like water and flow through challenges, soften and be light, the droplets will divide endlessly, adapting to the weather. Evaporating, raining down again, flowing across the land, gathering in the sea…it’s cyclical. Allow yourself to adapt in such a way. Allow yourself to divide endlessly,  trusting your cells to rejoin, refresh, start anew, to divide endlessly.

Soften and be love.



4 thoughts on “Soften

  1. Thank you for my new mantra “there is no beauty in stubbornness”. I have never thought of my willful stubbornness in that way and when I do all I want is to melt it away and let life keep flowing.

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