Cherry Blossoms and Oz

The other night I dreamt my mom and I were heading out on a hike. But we weren’t in our ordinary environment, back in my hometown, where we actually do our hiking. Back home the land is covered in rolling vineyards, shaded by big, lovely trees and the valley is rimmed with purple and blue lush hills.

In the dream, we started out with a steep incline. Rows of what seemed to be vineyards rolled upwards but, upon closer inspection, was an orchard. A bright, vibrant, green grassed orchard. Cherry blossoms were all over, and the blue sky was as rich in color as the green earth. I could even smell the cherry blossoms in the air.

You know the movie The Wizard of Oz (*my FAVORITE movie as a child…) and how striking and vivid the film becomes when color is introduced? My dream was alive with Wizard of Oz colors. That’s a big deal to this grown up Dorothy.

As a lifelong dream meaning seeker and enthusiast, I instinctually noticed some key themes from within my dream. The gradient of the earth; the vibrancy of colors, particularly blue and green; the magical quality to the atmosphere; the company (my momma); the cherry blossoms!

I have several dream dictionaries (I’m telling you, seeker and enthusiast…) but I felt like letting this one sit in my consciousness for a few days, steeping the themes in my own intuition.

Over the past few days I just kept coming back to the cherry blossoms. So today I researched their significance.

I found a piece by Stephanie Cargile which had some nuggets of wisdom in regard to my lovely cherry blossoms. “According to the Buddhist tradition, the breathtaking but brief beauty of the blossoms symbolizes the transient nature of life. The flowers last for at most a few weeks, but during that time, both the mountains and the cities are full of the delicate pink flowers, be the trees wild or cultivated.” 

Then, on a British wedding blog, I found a quote by Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa and some more wisdom via Kate Aspen. She explains, “The cherry blossom is a harbinger of good fortune, an emblem of love and affection, and it also represents spring. Because cherry blossoms only last a few days to a week, they are an enduring metaphor for the fleeting nature of life. Still, cherry blossoms add incomparable beauty to our planet.”



So both sources discuss the symbolism of fleetingness, transience, impermanence in regard to life. But, in my own little head, I can’t help but wonder if the transience is meant to represent something more pointed for me, right now. Life is inarguably fleeting. This I know; it is through the practice of yoga that I find comfort and solace in this truth.

So my Awareness is penetrated and my interest piqued by the dream of cherry blossoms. But what of the vibrant colors?

I choose not to research this one. I choose to sink beneath the surface of what I think and know and dig into what I feel. I feel that the colors are meant to wake me to the truth that life is brighter than it seems. A reminder that, no matter the terrain or environment, those colors will infuse the landscape. They are there, if I so choose to see them.

I also feel the incline to speak volumes. Perhaps I’m beginning a steep climb, but oh my Patanjali are the colors alive, the flowers fragrant, the scenery remarkable…

I would take a striking, dreamy, aromatic journey any day, even if it meant climbing the whole way. Because you know my favorite part of climbing? The view from the top.

A cherry blossom laced view painted in Oz colors – my cup of tea!

I guess life is all up to interpretation. Layers upon layers of wondering, exploring, adventuring…and it’s all a merry-go-round of our own Consciousness. The world is what we make it. It ahs the potential to be the most vividly beautiful place and the most hauntingly tragic place all at one. So much potential, resting in the palms of our hands. So why not choose to see it the way we wish? Through Oz colored lenses, cradling cherry blossoms in our hands, fragrant and fragile, incomparably beautiful in their ephemerality…







6 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms and Oz

  1. I happen to adore Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. A book I reread often.
    Perhaps we can both seek the colours “through the looking glass”. 😉

  2. I as a child LOVED the wizard of oz too! Watched constantly. I love the imagry and the Oz colored glasses. That really does make things brighter, especially to the gray we can see for so long.

  3. You are an incredible writer! I also pay close attention to dreams. I believe they provide us with messages to decipher. We are here for such a short amount of time. We need to enjoy the beautiful gifts life offers and be aware in the present. Thank you for another beautiful post.

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