This weekend is sacred. There is a merging happening, and it is a profound merging. The meeting of summer solstice and the full moon.

Such a fertile space of time, ripe with potential, abundance seeping over the edges and pouring forth into the universe. Can you feel it??

This weekend is full of energy to be harnessed. Sun energy and moon energy converging. A powerful  space of energetics. Tune into it over the weekend and see how it affects you. We are all affected in vastly different ways by such energetics, and I hope you share in the comments below how and if you felt it. There are also bound to be some of you thinking Sara you’re a freakin’ kook, the only vibration I feel is my stomach growling, and that’s cool too. I want to hear it all 🙂

Yesterday was powerful for me. I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with the renowned Bay Area YogaWorks teacher Lakshmi Norwood. But, just as I feel about my mentors Melanie Salvatore-August and Mynx Inatsugu, calling Lakshmi a “teacher” is in no way describing her. A lifeless term cannot possibly encompass such yoga goddess energy. You know what I mean if you’ve ever experienced Mynx, Mel or Lakshmi. Or perhaps you have a yoga “teacher,” (leader/healer/mentor/spiritual being) in your life who makes you feel this way. It’s an honor to be in the presence of such energy.

We practiced before an alter, covered with symbols of letting go (the “shedding” I wrote of just two days ago). Beyond the alter was the glistening reservoir, encircled by trees, radiant beneath a clear blue sky. Everyone was letting go of something different, opening arms wide to something new and fresh with the departure of spring and the arrival of summer. We engaged in a beautiful ceremony, a strong and powerful practice, tapping into energetics and ending in (for me at least) a totally blissed out state of über consciousness. I literally dawdled home with glazed eyes and a loop half smile.

Such practices, especially those accessing energetics and pranayama, often have a time release effect. I certainly experienced that today. I trust I will continue to experience it into tomorrow. Whenever I practice deeply focused pranayama and bandhas I feel the powerful shift over the course of, usually, two to three days. I have a particularly sensitive system that I am very in tune with, so this could have something to do with that, though it is not out of the ordinary for this effect to be had.

Today was nourishing for me, holistically. I had a smooth energy, which was soothed by a powerful morning practice that focused on deep hip openers and some focus demanding postures. I have been craving hip openers (as we hold a lot of pent up emotion and resistance in our hips) and my body was eager to open and release this morning. No tightness or stiffness, just pure, unrestrained willingness to press forth.

Coincidence? I think not. My heart and mind are as open as my body, thanks to the past three days’ yoga practice, with Mel, Lakshmi and today Dave. I am primed and ready to receive this moon energy in full! Speaking of moon energy…

Tonight is the night of the “supermoon.”  The supermoon is the largest full moon of the year. In a spectacular moment the moon, in its orbit, will reach its closest proximity to earth. Shortly thereafter, about a half hour, it will turn to a full moon. Talk about some serious lunar energy!

So what is it about a supermoon that is so enchanting? Perhaps you’re not enchanted, and that’s totally okay. I am a Cancerian, ruled by the moon, and am beyond enchanted by any and all things lunar. The moon’s orbit is in direct relation to the ocean’s tides and, not coincidentally, my Cancer sign is also a water sign. Yet another non-coincidence is that the sun moved into the astrological sign of Cancer yesterday, the 21st, on the day of summer solstice. Oppositely, the moon is in Capricorn. This polarity is intense and ripe, and it’s beautiful to find harmony within the opposition. It’s really no wonder my energy is soaring and orbiting like the moon herself, radiating out in space, dancing with the gravitational pull of Mother Earth!

Now, if I’ve not gone too “earth muffin” on you and you’re still reading, I will wrap this here supermoon essay up nicely (or as nicely as I can amidst such frolicking energy). Take a deep breath tonight, step outdoors and take a look up at the sky. Bask in the full moon glow, and let it bring to life how deeply and beautifully human we all are. We are all one. This lunar energy is affecting each and every one of us, all over planet earth, whether it permeates every individual’s awareness or not. Harness the energy. Bathe in it. Sip it in.

May the beaming radiance of this super full moon shed clarity and light on your path, leading you ever toward abundance…

Om shanti.



8 thoughts on “Supermoon

  1. I’d be teaching Chandra Namaskar in my afternoon class tomorrow and would encourage the class to bathe themselves in the spectacle of the moonlight come evening time wherever they may be. I’ve personally set myself since yesterday, Summer Solstice and today until tomorrow for both Surya and Chandra Namaskars. Flowing and flowing and flowing energies to release and share.

    And Sara… freakin’ kook that you are, I adore that about you. I know my neighbours have been watching from their windows when I do my salutations in my backyard. They have no idea what they’re missing.
    Namaste, dear one! =)

  2. A simple thank you for a full essay, ripe with truths coming from your own deepest self, aligned with the moon and all other forces connecting us — I feel it, too, this energy, and am thankful for it. Peace, always, Sara, and abundance.

  3. Sara,

    Beautiful piece. I can feel your energy just by reading this post. I’d love to experience such practice once in my life. And it would be great to meet you one day too 🙂


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