A Glance Back at 24

This past year has been profound. A year of change, growth, learning, understanding…I discovered a lot about myself during my 24th year of life, and I expect I will not only enjoy these discoveries but add to them in abundance this coming year. I feel so blessed. I feel so grateful. I have made so many amazing friends, beautiful memories and milestone decisions. I can honestly look back at where I was this time last year and feel so grateful for how far I’ve come. There were difficult times during the past year and there were so many high times. I feel lighthearted about the pain and deeply revere the contentment.

Today is my last day of my 24th year (please forgive in advance the severe tone of sentimentality in this essay…*may cause nausea in some, delight in others). I rose at 6am and jetted off, green smoothie in hand, to enjoy a 6 mile sunrise hike with a yogini soul sister. We climbed and sweated and detoxified and laughed. It was beautiful. It felt very cleansing, very purifying. Very appropriate, as a way to send out this age in healthy, happy style.

This afternoon and evening was spent enjoying my spectacular family. Immediate, relatives, extended family all together in one big, loving, blissed out clan. Babies running around, delicious food being made, hugs and kisses and laughter and just so much love. I forgot I was even being celebrated, because I was so immersed in each fantastic loved one that I was so blessed to have here, in my family home, catching up and spending quality time together on this balmy summer day.

My 24th year has been one of grand adventure. I have found my passion, met incredible people and deepened my relationship my Self more than I thought possible. I’m certain 25 will embrace me with health, vitality and perhaps even a bit of wisdom. I’m looking forward to it. The past year has been a gift, as is every breath I am blessed to take. Bring on the birthday tomorrow.


Namaste 🙂


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