Celebrating Birth

July 1st.

Today is my birthday. I’m not going to lie, I love saying that. I love hearing, “Happy Birthday.” I love telling people (and by people I mean anyone…random people in the park, the guy behind the seafood counter, my esthetician, the front desk attendant at the yoga studio…anyone). I am and have always been a birthday girl. It’s my favorite “holiday,” I always said as a child. I believe our birthdays are holidays. It’s a beautiful celebration of the day this gift of life began. While birthday obsession has the capacity to turn narcissistic, as can many things having to do with the Self, I find it is far more frequently just a pure ball of love. Just so much love. A person basking in the joy of a day devoted to remembering their grand inauguration, if you will, into this fantastic life.

Birthdays are gifts, truly. We are not guaranteed a certain number of them, and each one we are blessed of celebrate is sacred. That’s not to say one must be “birthday obsessed” or interested in making the day all about oneself, but in my mind the annual occurrence of one’s birthday is something special. It’s something worth basking in love over.

Today is my birthday, and bask in love I did.

I woke this morning, in my childhood home (where I am blessed to be spending four whole days, a gift in and of itself when one is grown and living out of town with a full time job!), to greet the one who gave me life. It was wonderful to wake and have the first person I see be my Momma. I then enjoyed a 90 minute yoga class downtown at the local yoga studio, followed by a splurge purchase of tie dye yoga pants. I was already wearing a tie dye yoga top. What can I say, I’m my father’s daughter…

After yoga I walked a mile or so up the road to the local plaza and laid my yoga mat out on the shady grass of the park. Here I sipped a kombucha, journaled and then practiced some more yoga. It was seriously so cool and calming, such a slice of quiet amidst a hot and bustling birthday extravaganza. Then I walked across the street for my massage and facial (rough life, I know). I totally bonded with my esthetician and have a potential future holistic wellness business collaborator. Serendipity, I tell you.

After my delicious spa time, which included aromatherapy (my favorite!), I walked back down to the studio where I’d parked and headed to the market for dinner fixings. I like to be the princess of the kitchen and, for my birthday, I really wanted to cook my family dinner. It sincerely delights me way more to cook a nutritious and delicious dinner at home than it does to eat out. Partially because of my dedication to nutrition and wanting to know how and with what my food is being prepared (quality control), and partially due to my passion for being in the kitchen, bringing together flavors of whole foods to create a holistically pleasing meal.

So that’s what I did. I cooked a beautiful birthday dinner of steamed brussels sprouts, grill steamed thyme, lemon and black pepper halibut and wild rice, all served with a gluten free, non-GMO, organic garlic lemon tamari sauce. Dessert was a combo of the remaining raw vegan brownie bites I made for the big birthday party I had yesterday and a fresh (also raw and vegan) chocolate avocado mousse with cacao nibs and fresh blueberries. Delightful! Best birthday dinner ever, with the best company, my beautiful family.

I am so overwhelmed with love from my incredible parents, the two human beings who gave me life. They lovingly constructed the ideal world, a handcrafted family culture, for me to thrive in as a child. They guided me out of the nest and out into the world, backing me with nothing but love, support and confidence as I set out on my journey. I am flooded with love from my entire Tribe. Every person in my life. I feel like the most fortunate girl in the world, to have so much undiluted adoration floating around inside my bubble, my life. The love is contagious. I just love how it bounces off the edges, reciprocating cyclically, nourishing each valuable Tribe member, each beautiful human being whose path crosses mine and each other’s.

I digress from my little lovefest…

The point is that I love my birthday, I love human beings, I love this life and I love the beauty that seeps from the experiences it’s brimming with. SO many exquisite experiences to extract love from, so much light spilling over the edges to be gathered up in eager palms. I’ve light pouring through the cracks of my fingers after this day, July 1st. Positively the best birthday I’ve ever had.

I’ve finally outgrown the childish need for every moment of my birthday to be extraordinary. I remember as a kid once playing across the street with the neighbor, jumping on the trampoline, after my party on the evening of my birthday. I felt very uncomfortable that I was doing something so “normal” even though it was “still my birthday.” Ha! Incase you couldn’t surmise, I was an only child. Sounds awfully spoiled brat-ish, but I also pin my sentimentality-to-a-fault nature as causing this expectation.

Last year I was so sick on my birthday and, while I did drag myself to the spa (again, rough life), I felt frustrated to be sitting in traffic driving from my area to my parents’ “on my birthday.” A birthday is too special a day to be wasted in traffic! Oh, how far I’ve come in even a year. Today I spent a good portion of my official birthday just by myself. I absolutely loved it. It is the day was born, after all, so who better to spend it with? Yesterday I was thrown a gorgeous garden party and it was absolutely perfect. I celebrated all weekend, and will likely continue to celebrate all week, my birthday with loved ones and friends. I have been totally pampered! The funny thing is that yesterday I kept forgetting we were all gathered in celebration of me, and today I kept getting excited when I’d remember that today is my birthday. I find it far more exciting to have little moments like that than to have heavy expectations riding on the every waking moment of one singular day. It’s truly the little things in life.

This birthday was the best yet and I sense deeply that 25 is going to be my best year yet. I’ve never been so happy nor have I ever been in a better place in my life. I am walking the path I’ve always been meant to walk, ablaze with passion that’s anchored in purpose. I am madly in love with life and the beautiful intricacies it continues to unveil to me with each passing day. My mom said something today that warmed my heart. I’d told her how I kept forgetting it was my birthday, about the little butterflies I felt each time I remembered, and how it was funny that someone who loves their birthday so much could possibly forget it was today for even an instant. Her response was that I now love my life everyday, and everyday is so amazing, that it’s become normal.


That really captivated me. Because it’s true. Every single day that I’m blessed to breathe and live is chock full of excitement, amazingness and bliss. That’s what happens when you discover your passion and pursue it. That’s what happens when you share a life with people who uplift, inspire and support you. That’s what happens when you fall in love with your true Self.

My mom is right. I’m blessed with an amazing life. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’ve discovered more gifts in 25 years than I ever thought possible. It makes me overflow with joy at the thought of what the next 25 will hold, what the next 50 will hold, what the next (Universe willing) 75 will hold.

Today is my birthday, and I am blessed. I am love. I am light. Today is my birthday and the day an entirely new chapter begins.



2 thoughts on “Celebrating Birth

  1. The path that which you seek, you shall find. And find you did 🙂 opening doors building ones future with fire and passion from within. Blessed like a crown jewel. Forged like a diamond. Presented for all to enjoy the light from within. The simple intersection of everyone’s light, much like power lines. Some running parallel for miles and miles. Others perpendicularly crossing for a moment then moving on. Your gonna go beyond what you could ever have dreamed.
    Happy crossing of your tribes light lines with all of ours. A true gift from the universe, by the universe, for the universe. Blessed indeed.
    Happy happys!

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