Listen for the Whistling

This morning I went on a bike ride in the gorgeous country that is my hometown. It’s been so wonderful “retreating” to my parents’ for my birthday, sleeping in my old room, practicing yoga in town, shopping at our local market, riding my mom’s awesome mountain bike (with incredible shocks!!). It’s been blissful. I’m feeling super contented and rejuvenated, and it’s not even over yet. Happy camper.

So, this morning. I head out on the bike. About twelve seconds into my ride I literally murmured to myself, “I’m so dang happy.” The fresh air in my lungs, strong legs pedaling the bike, a strong heart pedaling my body…I rode on, smiling like a goofball, through town and into the “boonies.” I paused to gaze back at a family of deer, maybe they were wondering why I was pleasure riding in the wine country hills on a Tuesday morning, and again for water just past the rich estates tucked back behind the vineyards, nestled in the hillside. I rode on, past my elementary school, flying down hills and powering up inclines, singing at the top of my lungs (okay not the top of my lungs, I didn’t want to swallow any bugs *AHIMSA* 😉 but singing, nonetheless). At one point I even said out loud, “Holy crap I’m 25!” Apparently I’m still trying that one on for size…loving every moment.

Memories flooded my mind on literally every corner of this bike ride. I decided to do an extra bit on my ride back to the house, the loop up at the local farm. I climbed the big hill, which I for some reason remember being MUCH steeper, got to the top and paused for water. I almost didn’t hear the whistling in the midst of my bliss.

But whistle I heard. Hmm, where’s that low, steady stream of air coming from? I glanced down at my back tire. Uh oh.

I squeezed said tire. A flat… I investigated. The culprit: a tiny, rusty, bent paperclip.

What the what?

I had the genius idea to then pull the paperclip out. WHOOSH. Dead flat. Like, flabby sad little tire flat. I laughed. I believe everything happens for a reason and, despite the rapidly climbing morning temperature, and the fact that I was a good, long walk from the house, I smiled. I looked longingly at the farm, around which I’d wanted to ride, and turned away, pushing the mountain bike along with me.

I am going to be honest here…I’m really surprised I didn’t let the bent paperclip induced flat tire bend me out of shape (ha ha, pun intended)! I just kept thinking thoughts like at least I got to climb the big hill! and I love to walk and this could have happened at an earlier point and I’d be too far out to walk back.

I ended up walking the bike home via a different, more direct route than I would have ridden. As a result, I passed many places I wouldn’t otherwise have passed that triggered tiny and amazing memories tucked way deep, ten and twenty years back in my Conscoiusness. I even hummed Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha (my favorite Ganesh mantra, Ganesh the remover of obstacles). Everything truly happens for a reason. The only negative was that I felt bad for popping my mom’s mountain bike tire (thankfully the parents are primarily cyclists and the mountain biking is secondary, and they are well equipped to fix the flat themselves).

I take this entire day as a metaphor. I found shocking balance in forearm stand play on the lawn this evening, earlier this afternoon I learned to do a hooping trick on my right side that I’d only been able to do on my left. I could really see my life as of late in the form of a metaphor. My perspective. There’s been a profound shift. I’d say it occurred in the wake of my teacher training wrapping up. The past few days I have been eager to be upside down…lots of forearm balancing (if you are following my facebook you can see pics of me playing in this pose and literally waking up with the very first thought on my mind being I want to kick up into handstand.

What the what?

Profound perspective shift. Running its course physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I feel more alive than I ever have. But I also see myself in a different light. And this, my lovebursts, is the key to this entire essay.

A profound perspective shift can and will change your life. It will help you see that you are strong and invaluable. You are infused with purpose if only you can tap into your intuition and hear it. Then, the bigger step, listen to it.

You are so full of grace and goodness and wisdom and light. The events that stimulate the most change, cause the most waves, that lift the vibration, are often the hardest to hear. Listen for the whistling in the midst of your bliss. It might look like a detour you’re not in the mood to take, but I promise there will be more light at the end of that tunnel for having walked that direction with heart and eyes lifted.

Sometimes you’re living in bliss but a bigger, fuller, juicer, unimaginably richer bliss is just around the corner. If only you perk up, lift your gaze, and always listen for the whistling…




6 thoughts on “Listen for the Whistling

  1. Well done, Sara, you included a marvelous piece of wisdom within this post: “You are infused with purpose if only you can tap into your intuition and hear it. Then, the bigger step, listen to it.” Peace. ~Tom

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