Lemon Garlic Hummus

’bout time for a smidgen of recipe love…

Voila, I give you…Lemon Garlic Hummus!

Oh vitamix, how I adore thee…this hummus is SO easy and SO healthy! It’s oil free, rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and us positively DELICIOUS.

Easy to make, you can do it. Soaked a bunch of dried chickpeas overnight. Boil them until soft and then let them cool.
Into your high powered blender or food processor then goes (forgive the lack of measurements, so goes barefoot, carefree days of healthy experimental time in my kitchen):

White vinegar
3/4 of a lemon, skin off pith on (could use whole lemon)
2 whole garlic cloves

That’s seriously it! So simple. Topped this fresh, preservative free batch of hummus with pink Himalayan sea salt and some dried thyme. Bon appetit!



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