I just returned home from the most incredible five days of my life. Wanderlust Festival in Squaw Valley, CA. I arrived Wednesday with my Tribe, armed with hula hoops, yoga clothes, healthy eats and hiking boots, ready to make a temporary home in a loft in the village with nine other amazing human beings. What commenced was a long weekend of vibrational, life changing, magical bonding experiences.

The last line of my freewill astrology horoscope this week says, “The astrological omens say that now is a perfect moment to intensify your love for the natural world. I urge you to meditate on how crucial it is to nurture your interconnectedness with all of life, not just the civilized part.” How apt. The days I spent in the mountains allowed me to do just that. My interconnectedness is immensely nurtured. I’m deeply entrenched in the vibrations of life, civilized and uncivilized. My heart and soul are dripping with the energy of being high in the mountains, surrounded by like minded, uplifting beings, nourishing with fresh air, embraced by the rhythms of Mother Nature, sacred and raw.

I had the blessing of taking classes with some seriously profound teachers. I hooped with the kickass Shakti Sunfire, chanted and saluted the fiery sun with Shiva Rea, hiked the mountains with fellow yogis and yoginis, discovered waterfalls, experienced a spectacular moon practice with Rod Stryker (epically life changing, I can’t wait for the opportunity to study with him), spiced up my practice and met my role model Kathryn Budig, and Kula’d with Schuyler Grant. I Om’d with yogis from all over the world, danced until my body ached and made friends I will cherish for the rest of my life. I ran around in gypsy clothing, sparkling in bhindis, baring skin and moving my hips. I fell in love with the festival. I volunteered, laughed, sipped in fresh mountain air into the depths of my lungs and took in views that left me breathless. I cracked open my heart, inspiration came pouring in, and I became one with the divine pulse of the universe. 

Wanderlust, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a yoga festival held nationwide. The closest festival to the Bay Area is held in Tahoe, CA in the serene Squaw Valley. If you’ve never been, I strongly urge you to go. http://wanderlustfestival.com

As I reflected today on my trip, I found myself wondering, what is the precise meaning of wanderlust anyway? “A strong desire to travel” is the definition offered by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

A strong desire to travel.

I have a strong desire to travel. It equals my desire to have a sacred and safe space to call home. I crave short spurts of divine adventure, infusing my return home with inspiration, clarity, purpose; I even said today, on the phone with my mom, that this experience at Wanderlust gave me “a new lease on life.” I came back that affected. And I’d left for the trip feeling inspired! 

Tonight is the full moon. It’s beautiful. Its energy is palpable. I went out into the street and stood beneath the brightly lit sky. Only a sliver of her fullness was visible, murky clouds lingering in front of her rich, fertile shape. She lit them up. They were sparkly and whimsical, shrouding the brilliant gleam of her. 

So much happening in perfect rhythm. Today I went to yoga. Yes, I returned from a yoga festival and went straight to yoga. As I was driving, something compelled me to check the electronic schedule once more. There was a sub. My heart sunk. I was momentarily overwhelmed with “this was not how it was supposed to go” frustration. Immediately I realized, being a yoga teacher myself who subs classes, I’d never want to be received that way. I took a breath. I shook off my urge to remain attached to my last experience of this substitute, a class that’d left me wanting, and said to myself, “Everything is happening as it should. The Universe has a divine intention for today.”

Everything is happening as it should. The Universe has a divine intention for today. 

That is the mantra I’m carrying into this week. Into the rest of my life. I will vary it as need be. But I can always trust, everything is happening as it should be. The Universe has a divine intention for ME.

My intention for Wanderlust was to break out of my comfort zone whilst remaining true to myself. I didn’t anticipate how deeply I would remain true to this intention. How fully I would live it out. My offering was the confident passion of my truth, who I am, sharing the abundance of enthusiasm I have for my greatest passions. I lived that out too. The intention I set of who I wanted to be while there was a deeply passionate, honest, dedicated yogini, teacher, student, healer, seeker, and goddess.

My holistic intention was successful in coming to life. My heart and spirit are at ease. Infused with passion, anchored in purpose, alive in truth. I am abundantly grateful. Forever seeking my true north. Forever a wanderlust.


Photo by Ali Kaukas courtesty of https://www.facebook.com/Wanderlust?ref=br_tf


2 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. Very cool. And so awesome read you Are a yoga teacher! Congrats again or for the first time if I didn’t say ot before. Keep beeing a seeker and journeyer. Keep seeing the world as beautiful as you do. Xox

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