Good Morning Lovebursts!


I’m sharing a message I received from a few cherished wellness colleagues into my very own inbox this past week. Evidently Gmail has changed their settings and are now filtering emails into separate tabs for us. I’d wondered why I could see so many more emails on my iPhone than when I came home and checked them on my laptop! Luckily, Christine Hassler sent me an email this past week from which I’m sharing a screen shot:





This is a screen shot of my own inbox after I unchecked everything but primary:





Make sure to save changes after all is clicked and done 🙂



It is an absolute honor to share my writing with you all and a privilege to appear in your inbox. I am so thankful to you for subscribing to my blog and for helping me spread the message of holistic wellness, light and love. Because, truly, what else is there in life?

Abundance and gratitude to you all!


Radiate love. You are vibrational energy. 





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