Who We Are

Oh how I’ve missed this blinking cursor, this empty page of white, desirous in its vacancy. Thirsty for my words. Ravenous for my inspiration. My own sacred space, a writer’s sanctuary, this little slice of prose open road.

I just spent eleven days living on an ashram. A few months ago, in the throes of decision making, I set my mind sturdily upon the intention that I wanted to study Ayurveda. I spoke the words and heard them hang in the air, emanating conviction. I might as well’ve stamped them into wet cement. It is happening, I said, it will come to me.

I knew the Universe would deliver me this manifestation, I just didn’t realize that two hours after catapulting my words into cosmic space that my email inbox would hold three Ayurveda training invites. THREE. Within TWO HOURS.

Okay, Universe, I see you. I’m listening.

So I went. I chose the Sivananda Ashram training, as I’d been there on retreat before, and it offered me the most thorough education in the most compact amount of time. 100 hours of study in just shy of two weeks. Boom. I’m there.

I anticipated this trip for two months. I tried to wrap my mind around it. Fortunately for my inherent disposition, of dire curiosity, needing to know what things will look, taste, sound and feel like, it was beneficial to have the ashram layout etched into my memory. Ironically, the last time I visited the ashram on retreat, I was in a funky space in my life. I was in a relationship that I knew was no longer serving me, the subtle laceration to my soul deepening as my heart splintered in the tumultuous waves of denial.

I was not open nor was I aware of my own potential, two years ago. So when I returned to the ashram two weeks ago, eyes bright and spirit soaring, I felt like I’d returned in part for closure. To tell that ghost of myself, it’s okay now. You swam through those waves, you didn’t drown in that swell. Hell, you walked on water and into the sky.

I didn’t give much thought to the emotional state I was in two years ago until midway through my stay, actually. The ghost of the broken me was just too distinctly different from who I’ve become now to ignore, her hurt heart and lost identity illuminated by the full moon and my ascending Consciousness.

So I made peace with that. I made peace with all the hurt and injury I’ve ever been caused, by others, by myself, by this world. I cracked open my own heart and let the love come rushing in. And rush in it did…

We dove headfirst into the ashram’s very regimented schedule. My companion, a sister goddess of Light who eagerly joined in on my adventure and accompanied me on this training, and I attempted to set up our tent without directions in the burning heat of midday. In Grass Valley, CA. I ended up sitting in the shade of my car munching a baked sweet potato and watching Mandy fuss with the tent. Sighing and finding it past time I help, I went to my trunk to discover I’d forgotten my sleeping bag.

I left on a twelve day camping trip without my sleeping bag.

What are you trying to tell me, Universe?

I spotted a man coming up the hill and I bolted to him. He was carrying beams of wood. I mindlessly pounced on him, hands in anjali mudra, for aide. He kindly asked if he could set down the heavy armload before indulging my frazzled state. His presence calmed me. He told me he’d see what he could do. Later, that deeply kind soul, Sukha, came to me with the fortuitous news that he’d left two sleeping bags for me in my tent. The Universe provides us with exactly what, and who, we need exactly when we need it, if we just trust. So trust I do. Later, washing and drying dishes in the kitchen for Karma Yoga, I further bonded with this pleasant soul. Then he rescued us from one of the rogue goats who leapt up onto the picnic bench during dinner. The only fear they had was of the broom. Sukha the broom brandishing goat chaser. Sleeping bags and goat protection? Doubly chivalrous. His is one of several profound connections I made during my stay at Sivananda.

Despite the floppy tent, sleeping bag fiasco and the fact that we perched out camp on a noticeable slant, we happily drug ourselves down to practice. It took a matter of twenty minutes for me to remember why the Sivananda style of classical yoga doesn’t agree with my body. My mind raced back to that morning, images of sweating on my mat to the brilliant sequence and music of my teacher Mel, and my heart cowered a bit at the realization that I’d be without my personal practice for the next eleven days. Gulp. That was a tough one. Enter, TAPAS.

Tapas are one of the niyamas, in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, acts of purification and internal observance. Tapas are “acts of volunteered suffering.” For me, giving up my dedicated practice for eleven days to practice a style of yoga I already know I don’t care for is sincere, indubitable tapas. 

But alas, I survived my Tapas. I even came to enjoy it. I came to a place where I knew I was doing my duty, spiritually, breaking attachments so that, rather than reliance upon my practice, I have nothing but sheer pleasure around it. Rising this morning at 5am to take to the mat in my home studio was beyond worth the twelve days of Tapas (I can’t help but suddenly think of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” after typing that, ha). I relished in my vinyasa today, and then I scampered off to teach my own class at 9am and relished in the passion I have for my style of asana. Sharing it with my students gave my spirit the sensation it got when singing Kirtan on the Ashram, each morning and night. A powerful feeling of this is exactly where I’m supposed to be running through my veins, deep in my bones, to the tips of my toes. 

I felt the ancient wisdom and sacred knowledge in which I’ve spent the past couple of weeks bathing just flowing through me. Swami Sita said yesterday that sometimes things come out of her mouth that make her go, “Wow…I didn’t know that! How interesting!” She’s THAT tapped into the Divine, THAT connected to the transient wisdom of her guru. I feel that way in regard to the knowledge, energy and atmosphere I just immersed myself in on the ashram. I found myself teaching my students about the Vital Essences this morning – prana, tejas and ojas – tying them into my theme, as if some Divine hand were reaching in an stirring magic inside my mind, expressing it through my voice. The element Ether correlates to the vocal chords, its organ of action, and I truly did feel an ethereal influence on me this morning, not even 24 hours off the sacred soil of Sivananda Ashram.

Another spirit I connected with is Shambhava, a highly vibrational being whose aura drew me to him from across the ashram. That and he’s very tall, and I am drawn to tall people. It’s a tall person thing. 

We sat talking for hours, on my second sleeping bag, which I laid out on the slanted hillside as a space to “chill” between classes, asana, meals (which were scanty but delicious, vegan, Ayurvedic buffet style) and Satsang. Shambhava had spent a year living on the ashram in the past, taken the TTC, made a temporary home there on the sacred grounds. He had only been back three weeks and was heading down to San Diego after his time there. Perfectly Divine that we would connect – true connection of the heart – while there. Not at all surprising; as I had said, when you crack open your center, your anahata chakra, the love and abundance just come rushing in. Have you ever experienced human beings with whom you feel you have an entire conversation with by just holding meaningful eye contact? I feel I’ve been communicating that way more in the past weeks than I have with words. That speaks volumes for a person like me. No pun intended!

My dear, sweet Shambhava sent me off with some precious gifts and some really vibrational thought processes. Indescribable gifts, sun gazing carving new pathways in my consciousness. I love the feeling I get when the Universe takes me by the hand and tilts my chin up to see someone walking towards me, watching their approach and anticipating the crossing of our paths.

Nothing happens by accident. We all meet for a reason. We all meet at particular times for a reason. Sometimes it’s to learn, other times to teach. Occasionally it’s so that we can continue down a shared path together, and now and again it’s to serve as catalysts for change, growth, understanding and coming back to life. Whatever the intention, it is all so Divine, and I recognize that now more than ever. We meet each other not only so that we may know one another, but so that we may know who we are.

Likely one of my favorite parts of ashram living was the morning and evening Satsang. Satsang literally means, “to gather with the wise.” How powerful, right? And gather with the wise I did…each evening began with 20-30 minutes of silent mediation, was broken by a resounding Om, followed by kirtan and then a lecture on yoga philosophy.

From morning Satsang we traipsed off to yoga philosophy with Swami Sita. After that was our brunch, the first meal of the day (though they began feeding us a bit of oatmeal and fruit before each philosophy class which both my energy and my waistline were deeply grateful for!), and then Karma yoga. Karma yoga is selfless service, and my task was the kitchen. My left forearm is sore from all of the ferocious drying I did whilst singing kirtan and bonding with beautiful souls, laughter echoing off the silvery, glistening pots and jars of endless spices. My time in the kitchen was really special, looking back on this experience.

I also met Ananta in the kitchen. A stellar being from Miami, brimming with prana, a total glowing soul. We all shared stories, truths, laughter and song in the kitchen, rebuilding the platform on which our dinner would be divinely prepared, only to be cleaned up all over again. I want to call it cyclical. I love the word cyclical. It’s not cyclical, Swami Sita said to me, though, at one point during philosphy, it’s all one. Ah, yes. It is all One, isn’t it…

I feel there’s a cyclical nature inherent within the Oneness, like the changing of seasons, all suspended in One Divine cosmic realm of space and energy.

So after the Karma yoga came Ayurveda. Hours of training and study in the Radha Krishna Hall. Following that was a brief break before the two hour asana class, from which we went straight to dinner. Another brief break ensued, which was usually spent either hiking up to Siva Temple or showering, whichever felt more pressing at the time. Then it would be time to trek down to evening Satsang, pashmina around my shoulders and bindi on my third eye. Bliss Absolute.

Ten days began to feel like a long time, it’s a third of a month, we began to say. The dirt on our feet began refusing to wash off. The hunger in our bellies began to dull, the Tapas in the slight fasting becoming a welcomed heat. The slant of our beds began to feel normal, the comfort of head hitting pillow too delicious for any complaint. The six and a half hours of sleep began to feel like enough. The souls I was surrounded by began to feel like exactly what they had been all along, brothers and sisters. The ashram began to feel like a heartbeat, synced to the rhythm of mother nature, highly alive with the charged energy of so many beings retreating to the sacred soil, healing ensuing, purging and releasing and cracking open.


It’s powerful how deeply an experience can move us, change us, shape us…it is all One. I think perhaps the best part of it all is that the joy of experience lives within US, the Divine resides within US. It’s not actually the soil we stand upon, the land on which we camp, the places to where we travel, the feet at which we kneel that’s so sacred…the vibration is within US. Anywhere I go can leave me feeling this way, and I trust deeply that this will be one of many workshops, trainings and retreats that I will attend, lead and collaborate on that will leave me feeling this way.

A friend recently turned me onto the glorious song “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. 

Feeling my way through the darkness
Guided by a beating heart
I can’t tell where the journey will end
But I know where to start

The sound is what speaks to my soul more than anything else but, I have to admit, those lyrics are Divine. This is where we start. Look down and see your feet planted there, and that is where you start. 

As much as I adore the ashram and the Oneness of communal living and peaceful solitude, it is quite serene to be home. I sit here feeling vibrant, so open, so alive. I’m a Certified Wellness Counselor now, an Ayurvedic Therapist, a Holistic Healer and Health Advisor. My heart and mind are arguing playfully over who’s going to overflow with gratitude and love first.
While you may not have been in my yoga class this morning, I am funneling you the same energy that I spoke of to my students. I am radiating my bliss out to you and wishing that may you cultivate your Vital Essences this evening as well, wherever you are. Prana ~ vitality of mind… Tejas ~ clarity of mind… and Ojas ~ peace of mind. Feel it, breathe it in. See, taste, smell and hear the Divine within you. Because it is in you. I see it in you. The Divine is who we are. Thank you for always letting me share my story.

Om shanti loveburst lightsenders! Namaste 💓


ImageImage courtesy of the gorgeous Radha Krishna Hall mural at Sivananda Ashram. 



I was thinking about something this morning

*I must insert here that I began this essay an entire week ago; so please digest with that in mind. My own life has taken a peculiar journey these past seven days and that is mirrored in my writing…I’ve chosen to leave this “pick up and put down” style of writing, returning to this one brief piece many times over the span of a week, rather than begin it afresh. Frankly because I’m fascinated by the untangling of words that occur as I process this wild and beautiful life. 

As a holistic healer, I’m constantly talking about healing. The concept of healing, the act of healing, the art of healing. What came to mind was the need to clarify the context of the word “healing.”

The notion of healing does not imply one is wounded, broken or in need of fixing.

There, now that that’s out there, let me elaborate. Healing is performed medicinally, restoratively, therapeutically and simply as an act of wellness maintenance. There are many forms of healing. Yes, there are times when one is broken or wounded and a healing process is followed along the path of recovery. But that is just one of many avenues of healing. This piece is intended to redefine the context of “healing” so as to invite everyone to include it as part of a holistic wellness care plan.

So, what does healing mean to you? Think about it. Jot some stuff down. Ruminate on it for a few days. Continue to scribble your healing notions as they come to you.

Lately the most eye opening thoughts have been coming to me in the middle of the night. Several nights ago I woke with a vision of what I want as my altar. A tree trunk. Shaved of bark and sanded down. It was just like, 2am, aha! A couple of months ago I woke with a vision of a business venture. Thank goodness for post-its and the iPhone “notepad” app, or else I’d wake with these [dare I say] brilliant ideas long since forgotten 😉

Since starting this essay, my dad was hospitalized for heart problems. A rare disorder being the culprit, he is starting the process of physical healing. There will undoubtedly be emotional healing needed as well, to soothe the scars of the stress that results from such an episode.

So, for me, the above is a starkly real example of both physical and emotional healing. I have experienced these two breeds of healing in my lifetime in many different forms. This experience, however, has been the scariest and most real for me.

But then what about the more obscure healing, even esoteric healing? Old wounds, from life, relationships, love, loss, self-infliction, you name it. Wounds our souls were perhaps even born with, if that’s not too mystical for your palette.

There are so many kinds of healing. We are constantly healing. I believe living is a process of healing. Healing is a process of staying whole. 

So never feel guilty, embarrassed, regretful or broken for dedicating oneself to healing. It’s an integral part of self-care, of holistic wellness. One cannot possibly offer love and light out into the world if one is not fully committed to one’s own healing. Particularly for anyone who is a healer! That being said we are all healers in our own right.

That’s what I’ll leave you with this evening. You are a healer. You may not claim the title as many do, myself included, but you are one. We all are. We simply make a choice to direct that energy outwards and boom, you become what you believe you are. It’s that simple. So choose. But choose to direct that energy inward as much as you do outward. Strengthen your vibration in the universe first by turning inward, and then radiate that love out.

Radiant. Radical. Revolutionary. That’s what you are.




Taking Back Time

The other day it really struck me, as I rushed to gobble my lunch during my precious 30-minute break, how much we’re slaves to the clock. Wake up when the clock says this, leave the house when the clock says that, exercise until the clock reads this, get to bed by the time the clock says that. It’s exhausting!

We have extremely intelligent internal rhythms that know exactly what to do and when to do it. But we exist in a modern time that’s pretty impressively dedicated to shutting off the need for those internal rhythms. I mean, we have iPhone apps for sleep and fertility now!

Did you know that back before electricity and the heavy reliance on light and time spent indoors, women’s cycles were naturally synced to the moon? Many people’s still are. Time spent in nature, away from the need to be tied to the clock (or phone, for that matter, since so many of us use ours as a watch), in a clear and free mental space is absolutely medicinal and necessary. And it’s something most of us have very little, if any, time for in the lives we lead.

So how do we dissociate from the clock when we exist in a society that’s utterly dependent on it?

1. Connect with the breath. 

My yoga, meditation and pranayama practices do this for me. They help me to disconnect from time and society and get deeply in touch with my own body. I think coming into the body, the breath and the senses is the best antidote for time-related stress.

2. Boycott the clock when you can. 

Leave your phone at home when you go for a walk. Choose to not “clock watch” if you don’t need to. Just be present doing whatever it is you’re doing, even if it’s a boring task – be there. Boycott timepieces when on vacation; if you’re in an environment where you can rise, eat, play and sleep according to your divine body clock, do it. Choose to eat, sleep and exercise based on how you feel rather than what time it is (as often as you can).

3. Engage in childlike activity.

For me, that’s hoop dance. Hula hooping, if you will. Activity that I spend so immersed in joy that the time on a clock is the furthest thing from my mind. Find activities that make you feel this way and try to incorporate at least one a day, even if only for a short burst of time. If you’re trying this out, you won’t know how long it was anyway.
Sometimes clocks and alarms are necessary, and sometimes they’re not. They play a huge role in how intelligently our society is able to operate.
But they’re also a huge burden on mankind because we’re creatures of habit who have a very difficult time stepping away from technology and time managing when we actually have the opportunity. Be conscious of it; tap into your body’s natural ability to keep time. Do a little less clock watching and a little more breathing with your eyes closed. Worry a little less about time and watch a lot more space free up for intuitive behavior. Take away the power of the timepiece on the wall, which was set by human hands, and strengthen the natural rhythms of your beautiful body’s articulate internal clock.As seen on MindBodyGreen.com


Toxic Wasteland

One of the key principles of yoga is ahimsa, meaning non-harming. This includes harmful thoughts. To think of oneself as “toxic” is a harmful thought. Harmful thoughts are toxic. Do you sense the cyclical nature here? So, rather than asking if your body is a toxic wasteland, I figured I’d foster this kind mental space.

See, toxins have been around a long time, but they unfortunately are far more prevalent in our modern environment than they were decades ago. Even my parents’ generation evolved in a far less toxic world, and I find it to be the responsibility of my generation and those following mine to make a conscious effort to protect ourselves as well as the planet from anymore toxic harm.

Our bodies get clogged with gunk from our environment, pollution, negative thoughts, chemically laden body care products, cleaning products, sprayed produce and processed foods, among other things. Even the most health conscious people face environmental toxicity daily.

What are a few things one can do to lessen the toxic burden on one’s body? Shifting towards lifestyle changes would be the most thorough, but on your way there are some simple everyday dietary and behavioral tweaks that can do wonders for detoxifying the body. Here are just a few:

  • Dry body brushing
    This ancient Ayurvedic practice not only feels wonderful but is a valuable self care act for invigorating the skin, flushing lymph from and ultimately detoxifying the body.
  • Lemon water upon rising
    I begin every single morning with a large mug of half a squeezed lemon in warm water. Another Ayurvedic technique for cleansing and detoxifying the body.
  • Epsom salt baths
    Epsom salts are brilliant at leeching toxins from the body. If you’ve ever known someone to be really ill and take a hot Epsom salt bath, oftentimes the water can turn brown from the release of toxins through the skin.
  • Good, old fashioned sweat
    Ideally through sweat inducing exercise, whether it’s in the form of yoga, walking, running, cycling, hiking, whatever gets your heart pumping and your sweat glands working. Bonus points for also having access to a dry sauna!
  • Chlorella
    This is a potently detoxifying superfood known for cleansing the blood and helping to remove heavy metals from the body. I love to put it in my green smoothies.

Ultimately, we are only able to control our own bodies and our own lives, and only to an extent. Even then we must relinquish the desire to control everything. Such a desire only leads to stress when we lose control, which we inevitably do from time to time, and increase the toxic load on our bodies. The best thing we can do, in addition to a healthy plant based diet, exercise and the aforementioned self care practices, is to chill out. Calming and slowing down are most certainly two key pillars that will keep your body standing strong and high above the toxic wasteland below.



The R^3 Movement

I’m starting a movement. The R^3 Movement. Radical. Radiant. Revolutionary.

Be RADICAL in your actions. Radical self care, radical generosity, radical authenticity, radical gratitude, radical joy…

Be RADIANT in your way of living. Radiant energy, radiant interactions, radiant movements, radiant intentions, radiant existence…

Be REVOLUTIONARY in your approach to life. Revolutionary discovery, revolutionary love, revolutionary philosophy, revolutionary dreams, revolutionary seeking…

This life is short, even if we live a hundred years. In the vastness of the cosmos, our beautiful little lives are like shooting stars. Lighting up the night sky with a brilliant glow for an instant, and then fading. I want my glow to hover, suspended in infinity. A flickering cascade of faerie dust, falling slowly and clinging to the stars. I want my glow, albeit a tiny fingerprint in the realm of humanity and existence, to matter. Even if it only matters to a few people, I want that faerie dust stuck to the stars to be visible to them while their light shines bright. While their star glows. I want the stars to feel the weight of my glow, just ever so slightly. I want the infinitesimal mark left behind by the fire of my passions to be radical; radiant; revolutionary.

I’m starting a movement. Won’t you join me?


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Relaxed Intensification

The past few days have been really interesting, energetically. Something fascinating happened this morning. I was about to take a screen shot of a block of text on my MacBook Pro and, somehow placing my fingers on the wrong keys, I mistakenly directed myself to my horoscope (which I check regularly and yet can never anticipate what day the new one will be published). Talk about the universe directing energy.

This is my horoscope, to which I was led right now in this moment, when I’d likely not have navigated myself there purposefully until late this evening or even tomorrow perhaps (not having anticipated the new week’s publication).


Relaxed intensification. Oh, I so accept the challenge, Rob Brezsny.

He is always spot on with his astrological readings, but today’s came to me pretty abruptly and left me with my jaw hanging just slightly. You will have to ignore the conventional wisdom, which falsely asserts that going deeper and giving more of yourself require you to increase your stress levels. Fantastic!

This, not surprisingly, relates directly to the last piece I posted, one that was published on MindBodyGreen just today. I’m not kidding, the energies have been stronger than usual in the past few days. Or, perhaps, I’m just become more adept at tapping into how they affect me. I honestly think it’s a practice, relating to and reading one’s own subtle body. I feel like I’m still, at 25, just beginning the lifelong journey of intimately understanding and working with my subtle body. I’m already in love with the process. I believe, as life, it’s a journey and not a destination. One that calls for time, patience, honoring of one’s own energetic space, and the understanding that it’s far harder to tap into subtle body than physical body. Physical body is like, ouch my finger hurts. Subtle body requires a more refined sense of awareness.

I digress, for the moment . . . 😉

As I’d mentioned in the first line of this essay, the past few days have been super intriguing energetically. They’ve been highly charged, if you will. Small instances that, to anyone else, might seem meaningless. But to the mystically conscious, there’s great meaning behind them. Nothing happens by accident, there are no coincidences.

Yesterday evening I went to one of my best friend’s yoga classes. The day before, while shampooing my hair, I’d thought to myself, I want to do core in Dave’s class tomorrow, I should text him. I didn’t place my request but, stunningly enough, core was the theme of his class yesterday. Not just that. I’m deeply interested in the chakra system and ruminate on chakra energies regularly, but in the past two days people have been coming to me out of the woodwork specifically asking about chakras. Dave themed his core work around manipura chakra. Even more powerful.

Even the yoga practice I had today at the studio was cosmically linked to this “vibe” of the past few days. I even brought up after class that I’d left this essay up at home to be finished later. Actually, this exact paragraph is where I picked back up post practice. Pretty profound that I’d been writing about the universe aligning everything so articulately in the past 72 hours and then I go to class and a theme ends up being the energetic body versus the physical body, getting deeply into one’s own body, free flowing. A lot of what had been on my own mind in recent days.

Again, the universe going, here you go little one, just when you think you’re on a page of your own, it turns out everyone is right there with you…

Well, not everyone, but a divinely select group of people who the universe steers into my path (or me into theirs) at just the right moment. I’ve set intentions for this new moon and released them out into the cosmos. Now it’s just time to sit back with a mug of tea in a state of relaxed intensification and marvel at how the universe, whom I lovingly dub Uni, orchestrates the grand symphony that is life. What a gift, this awareness; what a gift to have front row seats to such a marvelous show.

Namaste, lovebursts.


Photo Credit

If you’ve not already, definitely check out my favorite astrologer Rob Brezsny.

3 Ways To Nurture Your Sacred Energy

How’s your energy reservoir?

That may sound like a “crunchy,” touchie feelie question, but I’m totally serious. How’s your energy, holistically?

I’m referring to pranic energy. The energetic, “subtle body” is as alive and important as your physical body, if not more so. They go hand in hand, with wellness on an energetic level having a direct effect on the physical body. This can manifest as bliss, wellness and balance, or it can manifest as ailments of the mental, emotional and physical sort.

One of the most common energetic depletions comes from giving, giving, giving until one’s empty. When we experience an outpouring of vigor we must replenish it. Sometimes the tank is refilled by those we’ve shared with, other times we must replenish our reserves on our own. So many valuable and enjoyable experiences, activities and roles create positive vibrations in society and the universe, but subsequently deplete our energy reservoir. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, artist, healer, or just overall generous human being, you can likely relate to the feeling of pranic fatigue. As giving beings we are, for the most part, constantly directing sacred life force outwards. Some more so than others.

During my yoga teacher training one of my mentors shared with us that she “moves her shakti” each day before teaching. That really resonated with me. She offers a powerful style of teaching that connects with students of every sort, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. She offers a holistic gift with her teaching and, after her comment, it only makes sense that such a fiery offering requires a “stoking” of sorts.

Our prana is our life force. It is sacred and divine. This energy is in each and every one of us. I compare this energetic disposition to the relationship between eating and exercising; it’s far quicker and easier to consume units of energy than it is to burn them off. It’s the opposite with our energy reservoir. It’s far easier to spring a leak and let it come flooding out than it is to replenish, restore and rebuild it. That’s why, as with everything, balance is supremely key.

So, how does one nurture one’s supply of sacred energy? Here are three simple ways to avoid pranic fatigue.

  1. Find activities that “stoke your fire.” You can likely name a few activities off the top of your head that fuel your life force. Yoga, meditation, pranayama, connecting with nature, journaling, cooking, a candlelit bubble bath, deep conversations with a loved one; these are some of my own fire stoking practices. Engage in any activity that leaves you feeling fuller, stronger, more inspired. Engage in them often.
  2. Be cautious with what you offer out. I’m not saying be stingy with your time or kindness, not at all. I’m just saying be aware and conscientious with your own energy. Your own life force. Don’t spring a leak accidentally, be mindful with such a gift. Direct it appropriately and with pure intentions. Don’t overcommit yourself, don’t invest energy in negative people or situations; become convinced of the sacred nature of your prana and, without hoarding it, be cognizant of not overdrawing your reserves.
  3. Artfully stir the directional energy in your life. It doesn’t have to be, Ah I taught four classes today I need to just veg and be alone and re-anchor tomorrow. In fact, it’s far healthier to balance the input and output of energy in as equal a manner as possible, rather than to drain the tank before refilling it. With practice, I believe we can all develop a rather graceful directional flow of energy, in and out.

When our prana is strong and stable, we can offer to the world the gifts that we spend our days and nights cultivating. What we offer to ourselves we are then able to offer out to the world. So take the time to replenish your reserve. Make radical self care a priority. Create a space for yourself to flourish, radiate love and remain anchored all at once. It is possible to artfully manage your prana and never face a dry energy reservoir ever again.


As seen on MindBodyGreen