Barefoot Traipsing through Time

It’s funny how we evolve. It’s funny the speed with which we evolve. Sometimes the advancement is so slow, painfully slow, like trekking through thick sludge with mud splattered feet. Other times it happens quickly, with growing pains aching in our metaphorical joints.

It’s hard to believe how much happened, for me, in July. In just 31 days a pretty astronomical amount of development occurred. Just a month ago I was 24, anticipating turning 25. I was writing about being label free. Now, while I still cringe at the concept labeling oneself, I have stepped fully into a vegan lifestyle. Just a month ago I hadn’t experienced the life changing  event of Wanderlust. I hadn’t taught my first class. I didn’t know, in such depth, many great souls who I now feel as close to as family. A month ago I was a different human being in the same skin. It’s really magical, how that happens.

Sometimes months, or even an entire year, can easily pass by without feeling that one’s evolution’s been very apparent. Other times one is offered immeasurable opportunity for change and grown in merely 31 days; a gift slowly unfurling like the blooming of a lotus flower, opening in just the right time. The brevity of such profound transformation can be frightening or sensational. I’m experiencing the latter.

I’m actually experiencing the sensational nature of it all quite literally. There are sensations accompanying the change. I’m 25, which is accompanied by emotional sensations. Feelings of slight change, growth. The bookmark feeling of such an age. Feeling perhaps the wisest I’ve yet felt in this beautiful little life of mine, and yet distinctly and emphatically young. Youthful, free spirited and yet maturing at the same time. A grand dichotomy. One that is bringing my soul radiant delight. I’m highly aware of how novice I am in my navigation of the world, convinced I’ll always be a novice but never quite so much as I am now. I have my direction set, but the journey is laid out in a gorgeously winding and weaving adventure ahead, with many an unexpected turn, dip, climb and stop.

I’ve renounced the few food items that kept me out from beneath the umbrella of veganism, now dancing beneath it with the raindrops splashing my toes. No mud splattered feet here. I refuse to torture my own mind or the minds of others, and therefore I state now that I will forever believe honey is powerfully medicinal and its healing capacity is the bees’ gift to their fellow sentient beings. I believe bees would be sad not to share their nectar with the world. I believe they smile each time the fruits of their labor (and not their lives, bees live to make honey!) heal a wound, illness and allergy. Nature’s medicine. I have learned that the massive waste of whey byproduct leftover by greek yogurt production is horrific, and I’ve also learned that without the yogurt (that I so adore) my body and digestion are noticeably happier. Le sigh. Fish is another story. I love it so. But the magical adoration I feel for the underwater galaxy of sea life compels me to leave the ocean alone. The videos of male chicks being tossed directly into a meat grinder to be “disposed of” since they will not lay eggs to further egg production has nudged me right into egg-free territory. Sigh. I am grateful, as I’ve said so many times before, for the love and support of my family and closest friends. Nobody’s perfect, and we are ever evolving and changing, but my ethical vegetarianism is something about which I’ve grown quite passionate. (**Not that it’s important but I find it interesting to see some famous names, a few highly respected artists among them in my humble opinion, who lead a vegan lifestyle

I wrote all about Wanderlust, so I doubt you need me to reiterate how blessedly transformational that was for my spirit and my purpose alike. 

I taught and am now teaching and, in the blink of an eye, I’ve assumed the role of yoga teacher like it’s something I’ve always been. I live and breathe my yoga, I feel more fueled by my asana practice than ever before, I feel I’ve been bit by the “I NEED TO SHARE THIS MAGIC!” bug. I’m overjoyed by the opportunity to teach. I want to pinch myself that I’m actually allowed to teach! I want to kiss my teachers for training me so thoroughly, because I believe in nonviolence and that seems a lot more loving and beneficial than pinching myself 😉

I’ve met stunning human beings in the past month. All over the place. In class, at Wanderlust, at work, on the street, via my writing out in the wide web world…it’s such a GIFT! I’m so blessed to have been serendipitously connected to, and to have more deeply bonded with, such spectacular human beings. I have something to learn from everyone and I’m eager to soak up the experiences, knowledge and insight of my brothers and sisters.

I also think I’m growing increasingly hippie by the day. If that’s not already apparent to you by how I speak 😉

Apologies for the winky faces. I get a little spicy after 10pm.

I suppose what I’m here to say tonight is that I recognize and offer immense gratitude to the Universe for the evolution of my awareness this past month. In honor of the light that was shed on me in July, I move forward into August with fresh, clear eyes and an open heart. I feel more physically well, mentally clear and emotionally radiant than I ever have in my life. I come off my mat each day eager to spread the bliss I’ve cultivated in my heart and mind with those I have the opportunity to interact with. I wake up excited. I fall asleep delirious (for having stayed up too late downloading the magic that is life on this little blog space of mine). I write to you all with passion and purpose and a humble sense of gratitude. I thank you for reading my words, digesting my opinions and embracing my ever-changing nature. I thank myself for writing the words, processing the opinions and being the ever-changing faerie that I am. I thank you all for being the ever-changing beings of light that you are. 

I join my palms at my heart in gratitude for holistic wellness, a place where I can anchor my passion. A platform from which I can send out a beam of light, made up of the fragments of luminescence that I gather along my journey, bits and pieces taken from you and you and you. A beam of light that I’ll shine ahead of you for when it gets too dark to navigate…a beam of light that I know you’ll shine back for me, in those times when my bare feet are trudging, splattered with mud.



2 thoughts on “Barefoot Traipsing through Time

  1. Bee’s the giver of life. More research is needed in why they are dying off so alarmingly fast. Mud, fun to play in but not walk a mile or lifetime in. As much as I’d love to be 100% vegan, its comforting to know light is at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for sharing your life, thoughts, struggles, and lifestyle with us. A light that shines so bright.

  2. I am grateful to you and everyone who interpreted this essay as it was meant to be interpreted…without a shred of judgement or discrimination! I support us all listening to our own bodies and, while I highly advocate a plant based diet, I will never push for us all to eat one specific way. Physically OR ethically. The choice is always ours and I say that with the utmost respect.
    I know you didn’t misinterpret my essay I’m just adding a bit of a disclaimer down here 😉
    Thank YOU for sharing YOUR light.
    Om shanti,

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