Relaxed Intensification

The past few days have been really interesting, energetically. Something fascinating happened this morning. I was about to take a screen shot of a block of text on my MacBook Pro and, somehow placing my fingers on the wrong keys, I mistakenly directed myself to my horoscope (which I check regularly and yet can never anticipate what day the new one will be published). Talk about the universe directing energy.

This is my horoscope, to which I was led right now in this moment, when I’d likely not have navigated myself there purposefully until late this evening or even tomorrow perhaps (not having anticipated the new week’s publication).


Relaxed intensification. Oh, I so accept the challenge, Rob Brezsny.

He is always spot on with his astrological readings, but today’s came to me pretty abruptly and left me with my jaw hanging just slightly. You will have to ignore the conventional wisdom, which falsely asserts that going deeper and giving more of yourself require you to increase your stress levels. Fantastic!

This, not surprisingly, relates directly to the last piece I posted, one that was published on MindBodyGreen just today. I’m not kidding, the energies have been stronger than usual in the past few days. Or, perhaps, I’m just become more adept at tapping into how they affect me. I honestly think it’s a practice, relating to and reading one’s own subtle body. I feel like I’m still, at 25, just beginning the lifelong journey of intimately understanding and working with my subtle body. I’m already in love with the process. I believe, as life, it’s a journey and not a destination. One that calls for time, patience, honoring of one’s own energetic space, and the understanding that it’s far harder to tap into subtle body than physical body. Physical body is like, ouch my finger hurts. Subtle body requires a more refined sense of awareness.

I digress, for the moment . . . 😉

As I’d mentioned in the first line of this essay, the past few days have been super intriguing energetically. They’ve been highly charged, if you will. Small instances that, to anyone else, might seem meaningless. But to the mystically conscious, there’s great meaning behind them. Nothing happens by accident, there are no coincidences.

Yesterday evening I went to one of my best friend’s yoga classes. The day before, while shampooing my hair, I’d thought to myself, I want to do core in Dave’s class tomorrow, I should text him. I didn’t place my request but, stunningly enough, core was the theme of his class yesterday. Not just that. I’m deeply interested in the chakra system and ruminate on chakra energies regularly, but in the past two days people have been coming to me out of the woodwork specifically asking about chakras. Dave themed his core work around manipura chakra. Even more powerful.

Even the yoga practice I had today at the studio was cosmically linked to this “vibe” of the past few days. I even brought up after class that I’d left this essay up at home to be finished later. Actually, this exact paragraph is where I picked back up post practice. Pretty profound that I’d been writing about the universe aligning everything so articulately in the past 72 hours and then I go to class and a theme ends up being the energetic body versus the physical body, getting deeply into one’s own body, free flowing. A lot of what had been on my own mind in recent days.

Again, the universe going, here you go little one, just when you think you’re on a page of your own, it turns out everyone is right there with you…

Well, not everyone, but a divinely select group of people who the universe steers into my path (or me into theirs) at just the right moment. I’ve set intentions for this new moon and released them out into the cosmos. Now it’s just time to sit back with a mug of tea in a state of relaxed intensification and marvel at how the universe, whom I lovingly dub Uni, orchestrates the grand symphony that is life. What a gift, this awareness; what a gift to have front row seats to such a marvelous show.

Namaste, lovebursts.


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If you’ve not already, definitely check out my favorite astrologer Rob Brezsny.


2 thoughts on “Relaxed Intensification

  1. Again, the universe going, here you go little one, just when you think you’re on a page of your own, it turns out everyone is right there with you…
    I just love this. I’m constantly humbled by this everyday. Our eyes see what we want them to see, a powerful reminder to seek the truth & light. Sorry, off subject but hit me in the moment.
    Thanks for the tune up on we are not alone. 🙂

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