The R^3 Movement

I’m starting a movement. The R^3 Movement. Radical. Radiant. Revolutionary.

Be RADICAL in your actions. Radical self care, radical generosity, radical authenticity, radical gratitude, radical joy…

Be RADIANT in your way of living. Radiant energy, radiant interactions, radiant movements, radiant intentions, radiant existence…

Be REVOLUTIONARY in your approach to life. Revolutionary discovery, revolutionary love, revolutionary philosophy, revolutionary dreams, revolutionary seeking…

This life is short, even if we live a hundred years. In the vastness of the cosmos, our beautiful little lives are like shooting stars. Lighting up the night sky with a brilliant glow for an instant, and then fading. I want my glow to hover, suspended in infinity. A flickering cascade of faerie dust, falling slowly and clinging to the stars. I want my glow, albeit a tiny fingerprint in the realm of humanity and existence, to matter. Even if it only matters to a few people, I want that faerie dust stuck to the stars to be visible to them while their light shines bright. While their star glows. I want the stars to feel the weight of my glow, just ever so slightly. I want the infinitesimal mark left behind by the fire of my passions to be radical; radiant; revolutionary.

I’m starting a movement. Won’t you join me?


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