I was thinking about something this morning

*I must insert here that I began this essay an entire week ago; so please digest with that in mind. My own life has taken a peculiar journey these past seven days and that is mirrored in my writing…I’ve chosen to leave this “pick up and put down” style of writing, returning to this one brief piece many times over the span of a week, rather than begin it afresh. Frankly because I’m fascinated by the untangling of words that occur as I process this wild and beautiful life. 

As a holistic healer, I’m constantly talking about healing. The concept of healing, the act of healing, the art of healing. What came to mind was the need to clarify the context of the word “healing.”

The notion of healing does not imply one is wounded, broken or in need of fixing.

There, now that that’s out there, let me elaborate. Healing is performed medicinally, restoratively, therapeutically and simply as an act of wellness maintenance. There are many forms of healing. Yes, there are times when one is broken or wounded and a healing process is followed along the path of recovery. But that is just one of many avenues of healing. This piece is intended to redefine the context of “healing” so as to invite everyone to include it as part of a holistic wellness care plan.

So, what does healing mean to you? Think about it. Jot some stuff down. Ruminate on it for a few days. Continue to scribble your healing notions as they come to you.

Lately the most eye opening thoughts have been coming to me in the middle of the night. Several nights ago I woke with a vision of what I want as my altar. A tree trunk. Shaved of bark and sanded down. It was just like, 2am, aha! A couple of months ago I woke with a vision of a business venture. Thank goodness for post-its and the iPhone “notepad” app, or else I’d wake with these [dare I say] brilliant ideas long since forgotten 😉

Since starting this essay, my dad was hospitalized for heart problems. A rare disorder being the culprit, he is starting the process of physical healing. There will undoubtedly be emotional healing needed as well, to soothe the scars of the stress that results from such an episode.

So, for me, the above is a starkly real example of both physical and emotional healing. I have experienced these two breeds of healing in my lifetime in many different forms. This experience, however, has been the scariest and most real for me.

But then what about the more obscure healing, even esoteric healing? Old wounds, from life, relationships, love, loss, self-infliction, you name it. Wounds our souls were perhaps even born with, if that’s not too mystical for your palette.

There are so many kinds of healing. We are constantly healing. I believe living is a process of healing. Healing is a process of staying whole. 

So never feel guilty, embarrassed, regretful or broken for dedicating oneself to healing. It’s an integral part of self-care, of holistic wellness. One cannot possibly offer love and light out into the world if one is not fully committed to one’s own healing. Particularly for anyone who is a healer! That being said we are all healers in our own right.

That’s what I’ll leave you with this evening. You are a healer. You may not claim the title as many do, myself included, but you are one. We all are. We simply make a choice to direct that energy outwards and boom, you become what you believe you are. It’s that simple. So choose. But choose to direct that energy inward as much as you do outward. Strengthen your vibration in the universe first by turning inward, and then radiate that love out.

Radiant. Radical. Revolutionary. That’s what you are.





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