Hero’s Journey

Something miraculous and bizarre happened to me today. By bizarre I mean amazing, and by miraculous I mean truly.

So I’m just going about my normal routine at work, nothing out of the ordinary, and a man comes my way. He compliments my hat, a knit beanie I bought from the San Lorenzo Market, a daily market that took place daily outside my flat when I lived in Florence, Italy. I told him it was from Italy. He asked what part. I told him. I asked if he wanted to make a donation, funding grants for gardens, salad bars and teacher nutritional education in local schools. He said yes.

“Four thirty-seven,” he asked to donate. I asked if the number was significant. He said as significant as my hat. Somehow I understood the strange statement.

“We’re free spirits, you and I,” he said. I nodded knowingly, though my rational mind didn’t actually understand, my spirit certainly seemed to grasp every bit.

“You have excellent karma,” he told me. My heart skipped a beat. “Are you familiar with karma?”

I nodded emphatically.

“I’m a psychic reader,” he explained, “I can read  you very clearly. You were a healer in a past life.”

Heart. Skipping. Beats.

“I’m a healer in this life, too,” I managed, with wide eyes, searching his face for I don’t know what.

“Well yeahhhhh,” he said with a grin, “How do you think you got there?”

My past life got me here. My past, paid, Karmic lessons landed me here. I know my Truth, my calling and my passion, because of where my soul has been before.

He proceeded to tell me that the healing I did in my past life is what brought me to yoga and holistic healing in this life, and that my energy is profound. I have energy to share. I have healing to do.

Well, this man spoke my language. He gave me his card incase I wanted a full reading, and then he was on his way. Four dollars and thirty-seven cents and a spiritual psychic reading later. He’d been so matter-of-fact about the whole darn thing you’d have thought he was giving me a blow-by-blow of the Niners game!

I was left in his wake with a vibrational energy pulsing through my body. Subtle, but very much awake. What happened minutes later is almost unnerving. As I was scribbling onto a post-it, which I do on the daily, trying to download the details of the quasi-reading, I was struck with a swell of dejavu. Not just a spritz, either; a tidal wave of dejavu.

I had dreamt this. I had dreamt myself standing there, scribbling onto an orange post-it, racing against time as the details slowly faded from my memory, furiously scrawling to capture every bit of recollected, precious information. I had dreamt it what feels like a long time ago. One never knows with dreams, because the very nature of the dream could be to make one think one dreamt it ages ago when really it was last night…one never knows.

I just know I dreamt it. I know I’d seen it coming and I know now that the significance is greater than my cognizance could process.

And as if that weren’t enough for one afternoon…

Cue this article by the amazing Lissa Rankin. It was sent into my Awareness this afternoon by my mom, my biggest spiritual inspiration. Ladies and gentlemen, the Universe has officially buzzed my buzzer.

I honestly felt like I was awake before, but now? Eyes. Wide. Open! Heart wide open. Spirit wide open. Arms wide open. Mind wide open. Let it all rush in, but the filter is up too. The necessary filter to sieve out any nonsense, any useless chatter, any toxic or detrimental fluff. The dams of the Universe are breaking loose and the good stuff is rushing out. Won’t you scoop some up?

Take a moment to read Lissa Rankin’s article, linked above. It will undoubtedly spark a fuse in you, in some way.

We are here on this sweet soil of Mother Earth for a reason. Every one of us. Some of us know why and some are still searching. We all have a calling, and we all cross paths for reasons way beyond our rational perception. We are intuitive, dreaming creatures. We weave magic when we tap into our soul’s purest joy. We become the Universe’s Divine instrument through which the sweet music of passion trills. We need to wake up and listen to that music, hear it with all of our being and embody it. That sweet music and nothing else. It’s all right here. We have it all, intrinsically. You are enough. Just split open and let it all come rushing in. Lift your eyes and see every step you’re taking on this voyage, this voyage of dream chasing. Purpose hunting. Passion harnessing.

Find beauty in the hunt, the quest. It is, as Lissa says, a hero’s journey after all…



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