Detoxify on the Daily

I’ve been writing a lot on my facebook page about agni. Daily agni tips. Many are unfamiliar with the term agni, and so I’m taking a different approach. Daily detox tips.

Because who doesn’t want to detox on the daily?!

First of all, agni means inner fire, also known as one’s digestive fire.

If I were to go in depth into detoxing and agni stoking, we’d be here all night. In the interest of saving time (and preserving attention spans!), I will be taking a simple approach to boosting agni and providing accessible, daily practices that will naturally help detoxify the body.

Some daily practices that will detox you on the daily are:

  • Tongue scraping.
    Tongue scraping literally removes ama, which means toxins. It is the perfect practice first thing in the morning, scraping all surfaces of the tongue, removing the coating that accumulates overnight and reaping a ton of benefits. In Ayurveda, the different parts of the tongue correlate to different body parts, and by scraping them you not only cleanse but also stimulate these tissues and organs. Not only does tongue scraping remove toxins, improve breath and heighten your tastebuds capacity to taste, it also helps with proper digestion.
  • Neti.
    Neti pot cleansing is another beautiful practice that keeps the nasal passages clear and clean. It’s a great practice for several times a week, especially during allergy season or during a cold. The nose is our built-in air filter, so make sure to rinse it out!
  • Dry body brushing.
    I like to dry body brush before a shower, for convenience, and you can sense the detoxifying nature of this practice immediately. Circulation improves, the skin is stimulated, dead cells are sloughed off and even digestion is improved.
  • Yoga (particularly inversions)!
    Yoga gets the blood pumping, the organs massaged (twisting), moves lymph, improves circulation, provides cardio, strength and flexibility, and oxygenates the body. It also, depending on the vigor of your practice, produces sweat which is one of our bodies three modes of excreting toxins (the others are urine and fesces). The detox benefits of yoga go way beyond the body, though,  actually detoxifying the mind space as well!
  • Exercise of any kind, for that matter.
    Exercise is detoxifying as well as an anti-aging, health stimulating, natural antidepressant. Remember, sweat releases toxins. It’s also great for the skin, which is our largest organ, and therefore a great organ to keep healthy and brimming with vitality. Yoga, a brisk walk, hike, rock climbing, cycling, stretching…just get your body moving once a day!
  • Warm lemon water upon rising.
    This is my comfort practice, I would say. Outside of yoga, that is. I so crave my morning mug of lemon water, it’s incredibly soothing as well as detoxifying.  Just take a big mug of warm water and add the juice of half a lemon. The lemon acts as a gentle diuretic, and the warmth of the water (not hot, but warm) beverage is  wonderfully soothing. Lemon water everyday is a healing, hydrating, alkalizing, immune-boosting health tonic.
  • Dandelion root tea.
    This is your system’s natural cleaner. It moves things right through the body, but in a gentle way. It is not a laxative tea by any means, but a gently stimulating detox tea that purifies the blood, protects the liver and moves sludge out of the bowels. It also has a delicious, roasted flavor.
  • Apple cider vinegar.
    Use as a salad dress, take a shot of it straight, put some into your warm lemon water…apple cider vinegar is a germ killer and a natural detoxifier.
  • Black pepper and spices.
    Black pepper, dried ginger, turmeric, rosemary and parsley are among some of the most digestive aiding, detoxifying and cleansing spices and herbs around. Use them to dress up your food and boost your health all at once.
  • Spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass juice powder.
    Want to rid the body of heavy metals? Want some of mother nature’s protein powder? Alkalizing, purifying, cleansing, detoxifying, nutrient-rich GOODNESS, right here. Helloooo, chlorophyll.
  • Greens, greens, more greens!
    Chlorophyll, again, plus high fiber content. Greens are nature’s medicine!
  • Pass the garlic, please.
    Garlic is an antiviral, antimicrobial, detoxifying wonder bulb. Eat it raw for most potent results. Then tongue scrape to freshen your breath again 😉
  • And the ginger!
    Ginger stimulates digestion and is one of the most healing roots around.
  • Say no to stress.
    Stress = toxins. It’s that simple.
  • Nutrition.
    Most importantly, after all these daily detoxing practices, is what you put back into your sacred temple of a body. Please choose natural, plant-basd, as close to their natural state as possible foods. High fiber (brown rice, quinoa, whole veggies and low-glycemic fruits, organic when possible). Limited animal products as they increase acidity and inflammation as well as mucous. Limited alcohol and caffeine consumption (stay tuned for a piece on living without stimulants and how this benefits the system).

Think of detoxing as a daily gentle practice, rather than an overhaul done biannually to “repair” the damage done by diet and lifestyle. Instead, choose the practices from my above list that work for you and integrate them into your daily life. Make mindful choices around your food, healthy habits in your daily life and build beneficial relationships. Create not just your body as your temple, but your home, lifestyle and immediate vicinity (friends, job, hobbies, etc.). Doing so will be like hanging a “Toxicity Beware” sign. If you fortify your sweet temple, unavoidable gunk like environmental toxins may enter, but your way of living will flush them right out.

Detox on the daily to keep your agni strong and burning, your ama low, and your temple more glowing, radiant and brimming with health than ever before.

Cheers to your health and vibrancy, lovebursts!




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