When Full Moon Meets Autumnal Equniox

The moon reaches full, day after tomorrow, and Sunday will be my most favorite day, second only to my own birthday…the autumnal equinox.

That means there’s a Harvest Moon upon us.

This Sunday is, for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the glorious fall equinox. The shift from summer into fall. One that will be moonlit by Her fullest radiance.

So, what happens when full moon meets autumnal equinox…?

You guessed it. Energy. SHAKTI.

Sacred fire, power, life force. All comes together on the full moon, potent energy, and when nearly falling directly upon the Equinox, there may as well be a big wooden spoon stirring the energy pot.

What kind of energy, you ask?

I would say “dueling energies,” but in reality all is one. The energies feel dualistic, however, because the equinox energy is grounding while the full moon energy is destabilizing. But we balance, as we always do, best after knowing what it’s like to teeter. So, to answer the question of what kind of energy is swirling about the Universe during this time, I suppose I can only say that that’s Divinely unique information. We are all affected differently by it but, as you may well know, the full moon is notorious for harboring some really wacky energy.

For me, personally, I find the moon phases affect me significantly, sometimes dramatically. I am, after all, a Cancerian water sign ruled by the moon…so there’s that 😛

Usually when it’s a full moon I find I’m so high energy that I have trouble grounding and getting to sleep. The past few days, however, have been the opposite for me. Which must be the polar effect of the full moon energy meeting autumnal equinox energy. Because boy I’ve been sleeeeeeeeeping! 

In terms of those leery to believe we’re affected by our sweet, magical moon, I’m really not going to bend over into Urdhva arguing my point, everyone’s free to feel as they feel. Just consider this. Physically, the human body is comprised mostly of water. The gravitational pull of surya and chandra, sun and moon, create our ocean’s tides. Though there are arguments against it, I can’t help but remain convinced that our watery bodies are affected by the tug of the moon on this planet, and the ebb and flow of the tides. It’s simply sensible. If the body weren’t 75% water it would be a different story. But we are actually highly sensitized creatures incredibly attuned to the rhythms of nature, whether we like to believe it or not. We feel what’s going on in our planet! We always have, as human beings. The only change is that now, in our modern society, we cover up these nerve endings and receptors with clothing, shoes, houses, cars, bedding, and the like. We live very sheltered lives. But even still, we are influenced by these shifts. The waxing and waning. The coming and going. The movement. It is all one. These coverings, veils if you will, just make it a little more of a challenge to tap into this sensitivity. But it’s still a natural, inherehent connection, and therefore one we’ll never fully lose. We just need to pay closer attention to how present it is, always.

I was born on a full moon. In my experience, those born on full moons feel the energy of the monthly moon phases so much more strongly that they may dub themselves “moonphaseaholics,” as I have. The moon symbolizes emotion, which makes sense when one envisions the phases of the moon and the tides of the ocean. Emotions change, sometimes in a cyclical nature, never quite the same…ebbing and flowing, tugging here and there.

The Buddha is said to have been born on a full moon. All of the significant events that took place in his life, including his death, occurred on full moons as well. Therefore, to Buddhists, full moons are seen as sacred.

So, yes, this wacky moon energy is real. According to me. Truthfully I have believed it all along, my whole life. I believe it in the spiritual and subtle body sense. But, for the more analytical mind, I find the composition of the human body in factual comparison to the composition of earth anchors intuitive knowledge in some more tangible, “evidential” knowledge. One cannot always explain the way one feels…gratefully, in my world at least, one needn’t always explain with words. Feelings don’t always suit words.

So how does one harness this energy? Firstly, don’t let the “wacky energy” of the full moon turn you off from it’s magnificent influential capacity. The full moon space can be a powerful time for growth, change and opportunity. Everything is intensified at the time of the full moon, especially emotions, so know that going into it. Events in your life could seem horrifically challenging and out of control, or they could be seen as ripe with potential, fertile with opportunity. Everything is amplified by the full moon. The energy you choose to create is just that…a choice.

When the full moon is approaching, pay attention to how you’re feeling in the two days prior, the actual time of, and the two days following the full moon. This is when the energy is at its strongest and you can feel the effects in your physical and astral bodies most powerfully. Use the full moon’s powerful presence as a catalyst for manifestation.

Now for the autumnal equinox…ah, my favorite day. All around the world rituals and celebrations are had for this shift into fall. There’s the harvest which, growing up in wine country, has always been a big deal. I remember vividly the heavy scent of harvest in the air. The crisping and dying off of leaves, the shriveled, naked rows of barren vineyards. The warmth in the air and the magical glint of golden sunlight partial only to this time of year.

It’s safe to say I’m enamored by autumn.

Fall bodes change, shedding, transition. Nature reflects in her physical form what we are experiencing internally. Turning inward, preparing for the long, cold winter.

Harness the autumnal equinox energy by making space for some quiet. Use this space to tap into your own intuition, set some intentions, meditate on what you want to create in your life, what you want to manifest…you will find you’re able to cultivate a deeply anchored state during this time. Combined with the full moon, these are powerful grounds for mindful creation.

I find writing down thoughts, dreams, tidbits of information that the mind uncovers during the day and night, to be profound in staying present and engaged during this time of transition. It’s become the norm for many to just “check out” and ride the waves of life without really tapping into how deeply connected we are to mother nature’s rhythms. How whole the entire picture is. We play an integral role here, energetically, and it’s deeply satisfying to check in with that role. When is it not satisfying to feel one has more purpose than one thought before?

So celebrate this merging of energies however you wish. Even if it’s only reading this piece and then forgetting about it. Even if it’s only gazing up at the fullness of the moon tonight and wondering about it in your own unique way. Even if it’s fully immersing yourself in this ethereal shift that’s approaching and letting yourself bathe in the effect.

However you choose to feel it…feel it fully. Your energy raises the vibration here for the rest of us. Your better understanding of the rhythmic, cyclical, ever-changing shifts of this divine earth helps the rest of us to better understand it as well. With a greater collective understanding, we move towards higher appreciation of this place we call home. In viewing this home as sacred, we step into a role of preserving mother earth as we would any loved one. We more deeply assume our energetic roles, our intrinsic capacity as human beings to be in rhythm with the cycles of the planet, and we open up our minds to more conscious living.

We’re on the cusp right now. Softly shut your eyes, let the magic in the air swirl about and settle on your lashes. Breathe in the crisp air slowly, let it saturate your lungs. Let it enchant you. Feel whatever it feels like in your body. Set your intentions. Realize your power. And then let it all go

That’s a key step in this transition. Letting go as the branches let go of their leaves, as the vines do of their grapes, as the summer does of its heat, the late evening sky of its light. Begin to hunker down into your truest, highest being and find peace in the letting go. Find stillness. Anchor. And let all the magic come rushing in…

equinox_full moon Christian Science Monitor 2010



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