Okay. Challenge time.

A little lovefest has branched off of the #r3movement. It’s called #lovetrio.

I challenge us to come up with three things we love about the present moment everyday, at LEAST once per day.

The real challenge? EVERY time you get swamped with negativity, I want you to stop, drop and let three things you LOVE about that moment roll right off your tongue – put out the negativity flames and fan the fire of LOVE with three affirmations. Three recognitions of the BEAUTY that resides in even the darkest moments! CHALLENGE yourself.

In those moments of negativity, this is hard. Which is why it’s a CHALLENGE rather than a game. The first recognition of love will likely be easy. The second, maybe a little harder. Sometimes the third will fight to stay hidden, concealed in the shadows. Dig deep, unbury it. Wear it with pride.

Light your life on fire with love. Post on your facebook, twitter each day and hashtag #lovetrio. Also feel free to scribble on post its, write in your journal, and keep it in your head. Just take the challenge. See the love . Let the pyro-love-mania begin!



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