You are a beacon of light. An instrument of divine communication. Do not miss the opportunity to be as much.

BE a beacon of light, BE the instrument of divine communication, in your OWN way.

Today, whilst driving to the yoga studio, I saw a car on the freeway whose back window was covered with script. Words had been written on the window and, while I didn’t get to read it, I was overcome with how simply someone can communicate a message.

We are instruments and we have the capacity to play out our own unique melody, be it on horn, flute, drums or harp. We are all different, unique, but we have a tune to play. We have harmony to create with others.

Your channel may be a message scribbled onto the back window of your car. Or it could be through art…writing…song…teaching…meditation…energy healing…dance…activism…

The paths are endless, the Truth is One.

Your energy has a frequency. That’s powerful. What you think, say and do emits a frequency. Your message touches, changes, moves people…

You are a lighthouse. A signal in the dark fog, guiding others and guiding yourself. Stand tall. Shine bright.

Your energy is potent. Direct it wisely. Get your message out there. You are raising the vibration! Do not underestimate your power.


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