Divine Parallels

I had the pleasure of weaving magic again this evening with the most stunning photographer I know, Marilyn. We played in the setting sun of this beautiful autumn day, with patterns and textures and a gorgeous ripe basket of harvest fruit. I am left warm and housing a hearty sense of peace. 

More than the witnessing of such brilliant artistry at work, and the gift of being able to model for such a talented photographer; more than the promise of stunning images and the enjoyment of an afternoon spent frolicking in the warm sun and crisp fall air, was the bliss of connecting with another human being. There are moments in life when we’re reminded that we’re part of a Tribe. That we’re not alone. Those moments are what make this life worth living.

We can invoke these moments in ourselves, and they can also be conjured by others. I feel deeply moved by the simplicity of human connection this evening. Being in the presence of a soulful human being is one of the most masterful ways through which to peel away the layers of the veil that shrouds the true nature of life. The more I have followed my own bliss, my own passion, the more I have encountered beings of this sort. Beings who resonate with me on a vibrational level, who understand and mirror who, what and why I am. 

I am coming to realize that this is one of the greatest indicators of a path walked in Truth. It’s not bound to be this way at every turn. There’s bound to be some loneliness because, as with any Truth, tis a journey flown solo. But to encounter soulmates along the way, people whose souls resonate with ours on a deep level, whose paths cut the same ribbon through the sky…these encounters are like big neon green signs with arrows and exclamation points, directing us straight ahead. Encountering people who simply think like you, who live the same lifestyle, who are on a similar path…these divine parallels happen for a reason, and they don’t happen by accident. They happen as a result of what you’ve manifested.

You know what else? More divine parallels are happening in your life than you think. If you are listening to your soul, if you are recognizing fear, looking it square in the eyes, and taking the leap despite it…then I promise you, divine parallels are at play every few steps at most. Or, depending on your pace, every few leaps and bounds…

Open your eyes to them. See the angels around you, floating in and out of your life. See the signs. They come to us in so many forms. The more we reach out, the more we are like sponges for the knowledge raining down on our path…soaking up every ounce of knowledge, wisdom, inquiry, struggle, discovery, revelation…and the more clearly we see. 

I’ve been taking this gorgeous course, that I miraculously won a space in, called SheCycles with the amazing Falan Storm. The more I learn from her course, with each passing day and each new email I receive from her, the more the Universe opens up and teaches me. The more signs come springing out from the most seemingly inanimate objects and experiences. Television shows, roadsigns, situations, supposedly insentient circumstances that, in fact, prove ripe and fertile with portent to be intuitively read.  

By opening our eyes, hearts, hands and souls we allow ourselves to be filled with more abundance than we thought possible.

I spent years feeling alone. Sure, I have a gorgeous family, was in a wonderful relationship and had many lifelong, deeply fulfilling friendships. But I felt alone in the sense that my purpose was undiscovered. I didn’t know myself, truly. So how could anyone else? And how can such a revelation not leave one feeling alone? I didn’t know how to begin the journey of getting to know myself. I didn’t know where to put my feet; I didn’t know where to start. 

I believe that, after years of stumbling along, I just finally fell down hard enough to knock my thoughts into alignment…to shake and rattle my bones enough that, when I stood up, my feet felt sturdy. They had a sense of where to go, what step to next take.

My eyes and feet were not in agreement at first, and this caused some confusion. My eyes didn’t see a clearcut path, which led my mind to hiss in warning. But my feet, fueled headily by my heart, went on trekking anyhow. They voyaged right through the brush, crashing and carving a path all their own, while my eyes wildly took in the flashing colors and sometimes precarious, unpaved soil of the journey.

I think there has to be a bit of surging forth, when one discovers one’s path. It’s bound to be lonesome at first, it’s bound to be unfamiliar and scary, and one’s bound to get bushwhacked and scraped by the branches as the path gets cut. But that doesn’t last forever, and the scratches don’t scar.

Now my pilgrimage has assumed a steady but peaceful pace. I’ve come through the shadowy bushes into the full light of purpose. I see where I’m going, even though I don’t know what the path ahead looks like. The knowledge that there’s no destination, but rather a lifelong voyage, is what has slowed me enough to walk smoothly. No longer do I stumble. While the pace may be brisk, no need for rushing is felt. Charging full steam ahead, but with enough grace to breathe deep, to take in the scenery, and to fully embrace every likeminded sister and brother whose path crosses mine. With respect, gratitude and utmost consciousness. 

Thank you all for being a divine parallel, an integral connection, on this beautiful odyssey of mine. Namaste.



One thought on “Divine Parallels

  1. Glad to be a part of it. And glad your a part of mine. The sky is not the limit, its the beginning. Take the leap, everything will be beautiful! Thank you again.

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