Loving Compassion Healing Tonic

Well, how was that for new moon meets solar eclipse meets time change vibe yesterday? A potent trifecta if I’ve ever experienced one. I will tell it to you straight…I was whacked upside the head with that energetic shift.

Oh and, by the way, Mercury is still Retrograde until November 10th…so there’s that.

I felt the wonkiness in the air tenfold. For about the 48 hours surrounding the New Moon (yes, it’s still unfolding now), my energy was flipped on its head. My immune system has been shrieking its little alarm and I’ve felt like a a gauzy little curtain was pulled down over my eyes. I’m definitely fighting something. I can hear my little internal nurse saying just rest. Well, that’s easier said than done when one has a job.

So I have felt like a sleep walker out in the world the past few days, and boy is it eerie. My body, which usually feels really great, has not been feeling great. I never fail to get a few replies from people when I’m not feeling well, Oh but you’re a healthnut, you study nutrition, you can’t be sick! Firstly, there’s a difference between feeling unwell and “being sick.” Secondly, no amount of health studies makes a human being invincible. Just sayin’.

I peg it mostly to this…when one becomes deeply aware of one’s own body and its rhythms, one is all the more apt to notice when not feeling well. Meditation, yoga, physical fitness, proper nutrition, mindfulness…all of these practices heighten the natural inclination to read one’s body signs clearly and quickly. So, noticing that you don’t feel “yourself” is not a bad thing. It’s not a “fail” in the health department. It’s a great sign! It means you hear what’s going on inside your beautiful body, you acknowledge it and you can act to take care of it.

When our immune systems start piping off, it’s to help us. But what do we often do? PANIC! Oh my God I so can’t get sick right now… We react with our sympathetic nervous system, calling all stress guards to the scene, and then the blood and energy army goes rushing in a “fight or flight” response to our extremities, leaving the germs to [potentially] wreak havoc on our body. When I was a little girl I remember vividly imagining the little army inside my body, every time I was ill, I would drink my fluids and eat nourishing food as I entertained the detailed imaginative scene inside my head. The little army wore furry top hats and carried batons and they lined up like Christmas nutcracker dolls to fend off the icky germs. The power of manifestation.

Well, it’s no different now. That little army, in fact, has many more immunities in its arsenal. All the more power to keep your system safe. When the immune system sounds off, that simply means hydrate, nourish, hit the hay. Get some sleep. Sleep is the sacred time when our body rejuvenates, our organs, our cells, our blood…everything is recuperating from working hard all day long. All the more reason to not eat close to bedtime and to hit the sack before 10pm!

Anyway, the idea of meeting the immune alarm with panic and angst seems so counterintuitive, in the sense of natural healing. Rather, drawing energy inward and settling into a quiet little space of healing proves so much more useful. Again, easier said than done. 

I am trying to be patient with myself, my body, slow my mind. Meditate more. Breathe more deeply. Thank my body for harboring whatever it is it is harboring and fighting off, because this precise little bugger won’t get me again. 

Wouldn’t it be great to look at every illness or bug in that way? My body is developing an immunity to this particular ailment, and I won’t have it again. How blessed am I to have a body capable of doing that.

My biggest challenge when I don’t feel well is slowing down. I don’t call in sick to work, I don’t wipe clean my to-do list (mostly because I can’t), I don’t cut myself enough slack. I know this about myself, I’m still young, I trust I’l learn to rest more as I get older 😉

I am proud to say, though, that in the days surrounding this moonfest I have been sleeping excessively. Sleep is so, so, soooo important to our wellbeing. I could just say it again and again. In fact, it’s nearly 7:30pm here and dark as midnight, and I’m two steps from hitting the pillow to be quite frank!

I think the best medicine in any situation is a combination of nourishing, articulate wellness practices, sleep sleep sleep, and loads of loving compassion. Compassion and love are oft doled out to the point of draining our own reserves. No, I’m not telling you to stop being compassionate and loving outwardly, not at all. I’m reminding us both that the same love and compassion we exude must also be offered inward. To ourselves. Without loving compassion toward our own precious Self, what good are we to the world? Practice on the Self. So, for tonight, I’m going to toss back a healing tonic; some love, chased with compassion, and capped it off with SLEEP. How about you?



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