Bring on the Woo

A few months ago I met a crystal healer. We were energetically drawn to one another like a powerful force of nature and, long story short, I followed him out of the store into the parking lot just as he was getting out of his car and coming back to find me. Fateful meeting. He gave me a crystal, and told me it was “for my alter.” Not everyone has an alter, so it was pretty profound how deeply I was connecting with this [seemingly] perfect stranger. I soon learned he’s no stranger at all. Our souls have definitely spent time together in another life.

The crystal he gave me that day was an amethyst. He told me it’s an ascension key, and later gave me all the details of this powerful little crystal. Its energy was so strong that I couldn’t keep it on my person, I had to take it upstairs and leave it in my purse. Well, yesterday he appeared again. He  gave me another crystal. This one is “32 kinds of crystal in one.” I’m waiting on an email depicting  the details so, we’re both in suspense for the moment…

What’s really interesting is I told him about the past life visions I’ve been having during/after meditation. He told me the crystal he first gave me, the amethyst, “is known to do that.” It’s an activator.

Now, I am very uninformed in the world of crystals and crystal healing, but I find it fascinating. I want to learn so much more. I suppose it goes rather hand in hand with my passion for holistic healing, as I also want to learn every nook and cranny of herbalism, acupressure, EFT, Reiki…I am completely woo-woo and I ain’t afraid to shout it!

Something occurred to me a while back, while sitting in the sunshine over lunch discussing our alternative healing modalities with a massage therapist friend. A friend had asked me, why don’t you get certified in massage, too? I feel like I’ve been asked that a lot. But in a fill-in-the-blank manner. Why don’t you get certified/trained in __________ too? The “too” being the operative word. I’d always get fidgety and think to myself, but I don’t want to be certified in everything, I feel like that takes away from my true passions to just hoover up certifications and try to become some jack-of-all-trades. 

So, what occurred to me, is the idea of one’s Tribe. Not just the comfort of fellow beings who vibrate on your frequency, but also the notion of not needing to know everything. Not needing to be trained or certified in everything! Having a Tribe of beautiful souls who act like a medicine kit. I may be the holistic nutritionist (to be), Ayurvedic counselor and yoga teacher, but I have a rich and vibrant Tribe of therapists, masseuses, estheticians, herbalists, Reiki masters, EFT practitioners, meditation teachers, personal trainers, gurus…it goes on and on. I’m so blessed to know all of these people and to be able to reference them as well as direct the beautiful beings in need who cross my path in their direction.

We don’t need to know how to do it all, we just need to build our clan!

I digress…So last night I meditated with my new crystal. Luckily we are coming up on a full moon (this weekend, after a powerful practice with Rod Stryker, for which I am TOO excited!). Full moons are apt time for cleansing crystals. All the more power to harness that potent energy… Anyway I meditated with mudra, holding this crystal, and I could feel the energy coursing through my body. particularly my muladhara chakra. Then today I wore it in my medicine woman pouch, around my neck, and it wasn’t until tonight that I realized the energy radiating around my anahata chakra all day. 

Even as I chanted (I often pass “stuck in traffic” time with chanting…what, don’t you?), I placed my cool hand over my heart center. I left it here for probably three minutes, not thinking anything of it, but feeling the pulsating energy beneath my palm. It wasn’t until I came out of meditation tonight that it hit me…the crystal. It is likely the crystal that was activating all this heart center energy, considering that’s where it hung all day long. I couldn’t feel the vibrational frequency of it in the pouch, not directly, only when it was in contact with my skin, so I didn’t even sense its profound effect on me throughout the day.

Well, the full moon is this Sunday (did I already mention I’ll have just wrapped up a powerful intensive with Rod Stryker? I’m a little excited…), and I will be cleansing this dear crystal. Clearing it of its pre-harbored energy, so that it may serve as a port for whatever vibrations come its way, from me and from others. Inside and out. I will take this crystal to the Tribe and see what they make of it. Because, naturally, apart from all of the other brilliant healing artists I’ve already listed, there is also a crystal virtuoso. 

And that’s where I’ll leave you for the evening, blessed lovebursts. With this….always have a crystal virtuoso in your inner circle, and never fear the woo-woo side of life. In fact, bring on the woo.



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