Ground Down to Rise Up

I had a life-changing experience last night. A beautiful new friend I met this past weekend at Rod Stryker’s Tantra Vinyasa ParaYoga Intensive Training came to practice with me at my studio, and afterwards he gave me a Tarot Card reading. It was my first tarot card reading ever and, let me tell you…it was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had.

My friend told me to call to mind a focal point. An energy I’m currently working through instantly came to mind. The cards are called Osho Zen Tarot Cards; they aren’t like traditional tarot cards where there’s a death card and all the ominous, worrisome potential.

Osho was an amazing Sufi mystic, I learned, whose influence continues to this day. Osho’s teachings are very, very relatable to the Tantra training we just completed, said my friend. Sufi means “one who is pure in the heart.” 

Just holding this deck of cards radiated a vibration throughout my body. There was so much energy in them. They’d been in many special people’s palms before and the collective energy was palpable.


“Your whole idea about yourself is borrowed.” -Osho. 

I shuffled the deck well, many times, intuitively. Then I pulled these five cards at random…



The pattern they were placed them in was called “diamond,” and formed a “lock and key.” The cards I pulled were totality, intensity, breakthrough, thunderbolt and completion.

The first card represented the “issue” at hand. Namely, the energetic “issue” I’d called to mind instinctively. The second card represented what I’m “aware” of in regards to the issue. Third represented what I may not be aware of, or perhaps completely “unaware” of, in regards to the issue. Fourth represented what is happening to resolve the issue, currently. Last was the end result, where I’m headed, in regards to the issue. Completion.

The placing of the final puzzle piece, over the third eye center, is illustrated on this card. Let’s just say I welled with at every card, hearing the portion of reading that came with each step. My hand darted slowly from my mouth, to my heart, to clutching at my medicine woman bag, which held my sirius amethyst phantom elestial crystal. I was so deeply moved. Even though we were holed up in my car, I might as well have been on the moon. My spirit was having such an experience…

The whole encounter was so, so, SO powerful. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I did not expect that. A profound sense of freedom. Again, very unexpected. I am still so deeply moved, almost 24 hours later. Perhaps there’s a time release at play?

I can’t wait to get my own deck. In fact, it’s already on its way to me…

Bathing in the magic of my evening, letting the radiant energy swirl all about me, I slipped into dreamland last night and dreamt of many wondrous events. The final dream, that elapsed just before I woke this morning, was a rather frightening one. Nothing horrible happened, outright, but I was carrying a sense of fear throughout the latter portion of the dream. I was in an auditorium with many, many people. I wasn’t with anyone I knew well, but felt comfortable with these dream people, who were acquaintances if not friends.

Then the lights went out. The adventurous spirit of the dream shifted instantaneously. I felt a great sense of foreboding. Danger. I couldn’t understand why no one else was panicked. Why no one else was in a hurry to leave, to move out of that space. I felt like someone was coming, and they might be coming with a weapon. Something with malicious intent was certainly on its way. It was so dark. I grew very fearful and felt deeply that someone was going to be hurt. Someone might even be killed. Someone who mattered to me…perhaps that person was me? In the very last moments everyone was lining up in the restroom and I realized I really had to pee (great timing, right?). So I filed in along with the rest of them, candidly asking why no one else was concerned. When it came time for me to use the restroom I went into my stall and, realizing I must not have noticed how badly I’d had to pee in my fearful state, came out feeling a release. Then the dream was over.

The lights never came on, no one was ever hurt, but my sense of fear was lifted. Luckily I didn’t pee the bed either. I mean, I realize I’m 25, but one never knows with dreams of that nature 😉

Today has had a steady theme, a thread of “grounding.” First was my horoscope…Image

Then was a gorgeous, challenging asana class with my soul sister earth mama goddess teacher. After which we spoke of chakras, bandhas and grounding

Then, later this afternoon, the same friend who gave me my reading last night sent me some guided meditations. Make sure to be anchored to the earth, fully grounded, he said.

Grounding, again! Perhaps the dream was about grounding, too? In some way?

One way or another I am all ears, I hear you Uni! Fully open to and embracing of the Divine messages coming to me. I woke feeling strongly drawn to my rose quartz crystal, which I wore hanging around my neck all day, safe against my heart center. I have felt unnervingly aware and awake, very much the Observer, and very much in a non-trying way. I find the whole experience so interesting…as though I’m really watching it all unfold. Beautifully, perfectly. Purusha. 

One way or another, this has been a spiritual couple of days. Deep meditations, deep asana practices, powerful pranayama and deep sleep laced with vivid, tangible dreams. The winds are howling tonight and my astral body is highly tuned into the rhythms of the shifting Universe. Something is shifting; I already knew this, but my reading confirmed it.

Oh what a magical, heartbreakingly beautiful, constantly moving life this is. 

I was lent this great book yesterday, a starter in learning about Chinese Astrology. So, in honor of grounding, I will be spending my evening cozied up with a mug of tea and this borrowed book, anchoring and learning…

I told my friend yesterday that I believe we meet one another for a purpose; to learn from each other, to teach each other, to guide and protect and inspire each other. Tasmai shri gurave namah, he replied. Meaning, essentially, I salute the Guru. The Guru in each of us. The Guru we are to one another. To ourselves.

Tasmai shri gurave namah, my loves. 

Om shanti. Be well and may you have peace.





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