That time of year is upon is again. On Thanksgiving eve, one can’t help but ruminate on the upcoming national “day of giving thanks.” This colonial holiday seems to have evolved into one of overindulgence and highly chaotic energy. Loads of people spend the days surrounding this holiday traveling, cooking, shopping, sometimes arguing and often lost in the bustling business of preparing a “perfect” meal.

Well, I’m calling for a moment of stillness. Would it be too much to ask you to take a moment to sit and meditate tomorrow? It could be at any point of the day, for any length of time. If you practice EFT, I urge you to find some space to tap. Set an intention to have a mindful and peaceful day. We have the power to do this everyday, but life gets so chaotic and sped up. Thanksgiving is no different.

If anything it’s far more chaotic than the average day. For one, it’s likely that no meal intended to be perfect is ever going to be perfect. Seriously, think about it…I’ll bet the best meal you’ve ever had to date was not at a restaurant where you had reservations months in advance and spent loads of money or prepared from an elaborate recipe after hours and hours in your kitchen. For most of us the most perfect meal was in a hole in the wall cafe on a random vacation or a thrown together healthful meal at home with impromptu ingredients that tickled every last tastebud and was either shared with perfect people or in a perfect atmosphere.

That’s what it’s really about. It’s about the internal state, not the external state. It’s about joy and peace, not about a turkey or tofurkey, and it’s not about a mashed, smashed or hashed potato. Thanksgiving means something different to every person. Some people get really heated about the historical context, others use it as a day to binge their faces off without feeling guilty (binging, be it guiltily or guiltlessly, is a practice I highly abhor, if you hadn’t gathered). Some folks spend the holiday blissfully enraptured by loved ones, some steep in tradition, others suffer from emotional explosions of pent-up familial energy. There are plenty of people who are all alone on Thanksgiving, too. We are all in different places and we all have different feelings around this day. My intention is to make it just another day to be grateful, as grateful as any other day. My intention is to not place any heavy burden of expected perfection on this day (easier said than done I suppose, considering I’m not hosting the Thanksgiving feast). My intention is to infuse the day with peace and love, the greatest token I can offer my family and the Universe alike.

What is your intention for Thanksgiving? What is your intention for your life? Perhaps they are one and the same.

So, my beautiful love bursts, I thank you. For being in my little Universe, for being yourselves, for adding your deliciously unique vibration to this sweet frequency of life. I wanted to say I am thankful for you, this day and everyday. 




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