Your Life is the Stage…You are the Greatness

We tend to think not every day is a stage set for greatness. Those days are special occasions, the look like scenes void of obligation and monotony, where humdrum routine is escaped and we can really rock our awesomeness uninterrupted (all while the sun sets thunderously and triumphantly over the horizon).
But how often do those scenes really come to fruition? If at all? Don’t wait for film-worthy circumstances, because they’ll likely never come (or maybe they will but we’ll be so enamored and shocked we won’t be able to embody our film-worthy character of greatness). Don’t wait, because you know what…?
Today IS a stage set for greatness. EVERY day is a stage set for greatness. Your life is the stage, YOU are the greatness. The opportunities are EVERYWHERE.
You have the opportunity to love fiercely while covered in your infant’s spit-up. You have the opportunity change the course of someone’s day whilst bustling through the grocery store. You have the opportunity to be radically kind and gracious behind the wheel of your car…in line at the cafe…unrolling your mat at the yoga studio…laying eyes on your partner first thing in the morning…answering the call of a loved one…passing a stranger on the street.
The “perfect” circumstances for ANYTHING rarely manifest as all we’ve imagined them to be. But once we see that the circumstances we have, the ones we birth and inherit day after day, that they are indeed perfect…we can start spreading our greatness like wildfire, not missing a single opportunity. We will come to find our days, though often brimming with routine and responsibilities, are littered with opportunities like little land mines of fireworks. Step on as many as you can.
Because you are great. You are greatness. You are authentic. You are radiant. You are revolutionary. Be fiercely, radically, boldly aware of this fact, and go light the world on fire.



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