Conductors of Light

You know those times when you space out, just get all day dreamy, and the imagination just goes full throttle? You know how sometimes you unconsciously imagine something really awful happening, in detail? (Don’t tell me it’s just me). Where, for who knows what reason, you just imagine a scene playing out of a “what if” situation…your house getting broken into, getting into a car accident, getting into an argument with someone…sometimes the imagination just runs off and plays in the mud for a minute.

That happened to me today. I was power walking with the dog and my mind was in another sphere altogether. Just spacing out. For some reason, my imagination decided to take me through the horrific potential of coming home to my house broken into and a dangerous intruder (my roommate was home asleep). Immediately, at the thought, I felt the cortisol start to pump. I could literally feel my body having a physical reaction to something completely unlikely and completely fabricated. 

My heart started to beat faster, my palms warmed up, my pace even quickened. All in a spurt of daydreaming that lasted maybe 30 seconds. My mind played out a scenario that simply was not happening in reality, nor does it have great likelihood of happening, and my body instantaneously responded as if the scenario were in fact real. Just think…if mentally imagining a horrific scenario could trigger my physical defense response, stress hormones entering my blood stream, couldn’t I just as easily trigger the opposite? 

Now, I’m known to the do the opposite. It’s the awful imagined scenarios that flit through my mind infrequently. But I am regularly fantasizing about the positive. I refer to it as manifesting.

There have been a number of real life experiences that I have manifested from in-depth, detailed, full throttle day dreaming. I have called into my life incredible people, relationships, opportunities and conclusions by way of playing them out in my mind. I am fully aware that I cannot predict the future, nor do I have control over what will happen in my life or the lives of others. But I do, without a shred of doubt, have control over what I manifest and energetically draw into my sphere.

It was actually relatively recent that I recognized this pattern. Manifestation has always been a part of my life, when I was fourteen I proclaimed “manifest” to be my favorite word, followed closely by “bliss.” Manifestation has long since held a special, very real, weighty place in my being. But I used to differentiate between conscious manifestation and daydreaming. Now I know better. Now I realize what power our energy has when we harness it, when we work with it on a daily basis. I realize now how potent thoughts, even of the most lighthearted nature, can be when there’s divine purpose behind them. 

What I’m saying here is by no means, “look how cool I am I’ve manifested amazing stuff.” No, that is not what I’m saying. We have all manifested amazing life experiences, many quite possibly without ever even realizing it. What I am saying here is that we have power. Just like how the placebo effect works to create a physical reaction in the body based solely on a thought, on something the mind chooses to believe, so works the mind in all other ares of one’s life. So works the mind on the body with any thought. Visions of what you would do if you found your significant other was cheating on you will, probably without exception, trigger a physical reaction. Point being, these thoughts have energy. Cause and effect at play. Visions of something marvelous, possibly even miraculous, happening will also have a physical reaction. Pay close attention. Feel good hormones will flood the system, the body will relax, the corners of the mouth might even turn up in the beginnings of a smile. What I’m saying here is this…

We are conductors of light.

We are bodies of energy, celestial beings of divine light; we are earth angels and we are very much orchestrators of cosmic interplay. As a conductor of light, one has the seraphic opportunity to live every moment of one’s life in an expression of one’s radiant, radical, revolutionary being. As a conductor of light, one has the opportunity to practice relentless kindness, directed both inward and outward. As a conductor of light, one is blessed with the capacity to call into one’s life the deepest, purest, fiercest desires of one’s own heart…

Now, does that mean these prayers are always answered, these visions manifested? No. Not in the way we expect, at least. A favorite country song comes to mind in this moment, in explaining what I mean by this. Good ‘ol Garth Brooks said it best.

“Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.”

Really, though. We manifest actively and every once in a while life plays out just as we imagined. Like the examples I referred to earlier. But, far more often, we manifest blindly. By that I mean we unconsciously manifest and are blind to the fact that we did so because it was either unintentional or the Divine Mother answered our silent prayers in a way we never would have ever imagined. Sometimes the most powerful gifts, opportunities, lessons and blessings arrive in the most peculiar, ugly, unexpected or seemingly unpleasant packages. 

It’s not about the form. Just as we are not our bodies or minds, our manifestations are also not the form in which they arrive to us on earth. They are so much more. We are energetic, heavenly beings. We are so much more than the dealings we engage in on this planet. We are made of stars and bliss, for Heaven’s sake! We are conductors of LIGHT. The ways in which we throw, twirl and spin this light are so much more than they seem on the surface. They have purpose. Every little thing we do, every little thought we have…all particles of energy. All little pieces, flittering and floating towards the great, complete puzzle. Like a gentle exhale blowing them in another direction, we manifest.

So next time you’re daydreaming, spacing out, letting your mind play in the mud or clouds…be cognizant of your body. Observe your physical reaction. Allow yourself to be the conductor of light that you are and indulge in a detailed fantasy of what you wish to see happen in your life! Do it! It may not happen exactly as you imagine because perhaps that’s not what’s really meant to happen for you. The Divine is weaving everything together perfectly, seamlessly. Trust that. But also trust your part in the process. Trust that the light of which you’re comprised will not lead you astray. Acknowledge what it can do for you, when harnessed. See that it is blindingly, brilliantly bright and that its rays illuminate as well as cast shadows. Let your mind wander into the place where your body melts in pleasure, let your light shine onto images of what you most deeply desire. Ask the Universe for it. Call it into you sphere. Let down your guard and be fearless. No one can hear what goes on inside of your mind but you, so what do you have to lose? 

Don your cap, conductor, and play in the light.



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