Happy Earth Day, my loves! I hope you were able to get outside, plant your feet on the earth, move your body and drink in the sweet air all around you. I’ve been celebrating joyously on the inside since I opened my eyes this morning. In all honesty, I believe we ought to celebrate our sweet Mama Earth every day…I mean, she’s a pretty rockin’ hunk of burnin’ love, after all, is she not?

I happen to be one of those hippie souls, an aspiring naturalist, earth-loving human beings. I’ve been known to hug a tree (truly), am absolutely enamored with all aspects of nature (obsessed?) and feel a bit of my heart break each time I witness damage to this sacred home of ours (tears are shed). As you can imagine, this generation has me in fits at times, and I find myself praying and meditating daily on how we, together, can heal our gorgeous planet.

What I mean by all that is that, in essence, every day is Earth Day. I mean, we live here. This is our home. When someone chooses not to reduce, reuse and recycle, it is a big deal. Not because they are not stepping on my toes, or offending me, but because they’re stepping on their own toes. They’re offending humanity. Would any of us walk into our own home, or better yet, our own mother’s home and just knock all her nice china off the table? Would we look unapologetically at the shards of porcelain and her injured face? Would we proceed to dump our trash into her lovely sitting room, shoving empty, used water bottles and garbage and things we no longer find use for till it covered every square inch of her once beautiful space? Would we walk into her bedroom and empty a bottle of toxic anti-freeze onto her bedding, so she could sleep in the poison?

I think it’s safe to speak for nearly everyone here when I say ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY NOT. 

Nobody would treat someone they love, adore, admire and respect that way. I doubt many people would even treat someone they don’t love, adore, admire and respect that way…it’s just too cruel, outright malicious, carelessness personified. Point being, if we wouldn’t treat another person this way, why do we allow our Mama Earth to be treated this way? It’s not a one man job. We are all in this together. We live here together. We share one big home without walls. We may not be housemates, but we’re EARTHMATES!

Blessed are we who live on this planet, it is a gift and I fear we [all, at times] take it for granted. My wish is that we may care for sweet Mama Earth as we would ourselves, this day and everyday. She relies on us to keep her strong, may we not let her down. Her greatness, her vastness, blows me away…and yet, it is us who hold her fate in our palms. How unnerving that we, humble little beings of light, hold the fate of such a seemingly indestructible celestial body in our human hands? May we not fumble this responsibility. May we awake to the great need she has for our collective awareness. She provides us a home, may we begin to treat her as such.

I believe our prana – our life-force – is directly affected by our relationship with the earth. I believe how we treat this sacred home of ours is reflected in our pranic energy. So, if it’s not enough to care for the earth for the sake of caring for the earth, perhaps some will be convinced by the fact that their own energy is crippled when they do not care for her. We are strengthened when we extend the love and care we would to ourselves, or a family member, to this earth; we are weakened when we view her as an inanimate object, something for us to use up and discard. She is neither. Mama Earth is very much alive, very much feeling, very much endowed with an energetic pulse. Did you ever see the film Avatar? I can’t help but conjure up that imagery. The vibrant colors, the glow, the heartbeat of this planet. Thinking of the earth as a planet almost provides a bit of disconnect, perhaps the disconnect that so many cling to, veiled in ignorance. How can I save the planet? Many people think this way. The task is simply too large, the dedication too hard. But it’s not.

It’s a matter of habit, of will, of dedication. Think back over how many areas of our lives we’ve dedicated ourselves to…studied, practiced, memorized, trained…countless. We are constantly training to be better human beings, more capable human beings, in the grand school of life. Eco-consciousness is no different. We can train in earth preserving just as we would train for a race. We can create eco-friendly habits by memorization, repetition, just as we would etch math equations into our brains for an exam. It’s not rocket science, we can do this, we are capable earthlings! Recycling all the time, no exceptions…reducing our consumption (buy a stainless steel water bottle, there’s no reason to buy a plastic water bottle pretty much ever)…minimizing waste (frugality is so underrated)…reusing anything and everything we can (the resources to make new “stuff” has to come from somewhere…all those pickle and glass pasta sauce jars you dutifully recycle can be reused again! Be creative…the “reuse” step is versatile, endless and becomes almost addictive in how fun it is…).

Baby steps grow into bigger steps. What can you commit to today? Maybe it’s a vow to avoid buying in plastic (bulk items rather than prepackaged?). Perhaps it’s a newfound diligence to recycle properly (yes there’s an improper way to recycle! They don’t take caps and all containers must be washed out). It could even be a promise to detox your life of toxic, chemical-containing products (from kitchen to cleaning cupboard to beauty cabinet). Whatever it may be, take it on fully. Pick one thing or five things, and know you are not alone. All of these little habits eventually add up to a very eco-friendly lifestyle, something that is just second nature, and a planet that is healthier, more robust and fortified with longevity that would not have come to fruition without your individual efforts.

The message we need to radiate is that no one individual is responsible for saving the planet. We are, as a collective, responsible for saving and preserving the very ground upon which we stand. We are a team. There’s no room for cosmic disconnect in that. The very soil beneath our soles, the very blades of grass between our toes, the very air that swirls about our skin…we must preserve this. Not just for ourselves and each other, but for posterity. We must treat this special place as the matriarch she is. We must nurse her, care for her, preserve her and protect her. We simply must. Because we are blessed to live here. We are blessed with the soil, flora, fauna, oxygen, sunlight, saltwater, granite, sand and rain. We are blessed with a canopy of stars. We are blessed with this holy globe that has given herself to us, trusting us to simultaneously grow in civilization whilst defending her inherent, natural purity. We must. Our home depends on it, our prana depends on it, our future generations depend on it. May we not drink up every last drop, may we never suck her dry. Instead, may we band together and nurture the precious, sweet nectar of Mama Earth.

Om Namah Shivaya.

Mother_Earth_by_josephine101 healing mother earth121


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