All Power Lies Within

I’m sure it’s not news to any of us that our thoughts create our reality. They quite literally define what reality means to us as individuals. My teacher says that our present state is a direct representation of the thoughts we’ve had in the past; our future state is going to be a reflected by the thoughts we are having right now. So if ever we believed our thoughts didn’t matter, that they don’t matter right now, we were gravely mistaken. The thoughts we’re having this very day are manifesting the experience we are to have tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that, and the day after that…

The other day an idea occurred to me. I was having a blah day but, in the world of working with the public, such “blah-ness” is not always entirely appropriate. I’ve written before about the pressure to always be “on.” The outside expectation placed on a “happy people” to always be bubbly, upbeat, grinning from ear to ear. Well, friends, I’m sure it’s (again) not news to any of us that such an expectation is just not realistic. Whether being asked of “happy people” or otherwise. That being said, I felt pressured to meet the hammering of questions from co-workers with some legitimate reason for my lack of…fluff. But the truth is I didn’t have one. Well, I did have a reason, and it is certainly legitimate in the confines of my own heart, but we should not have to share the deepest, most personal cries of our spirit with just anyone for just any reason. Just because they asked. No, that’s not how it works. We are allowed to keep our personal battles to ourselves if we so choose. We are allowed to have flat days, “off” days, and we’re allowed to offer no justification for our shifted energy. As long as we’re still treating those around us with kindness and respect, of course, we’re allowed to feel and be however we are. That may sound selfish but I believe in offering ourselves space to work through the ups and downs of being human. I believe in giving ourselves the patience and respect we’d give a loved one, and not needing to bare our soul to anyone ever if it’s not of our own volition.

This is all beginning to sound a bit dramatic and, I assure you, this day was quite the opposite. I just felt strongly that I needn’t have a reason to feel blue. Sometimes we just do, and there’s nothing the matter with that. So I resorted to offering my acquaintances the, “Oh it’s just one of ‘those’ days, having a bad day” excuse to, for lack of kinder words, shut them up. It seemed to work and yet I found myself feeling like a fraud, which I am not. I was having a bad day, but the deep-rooted gratitude practice I keep was whispering from the depths of me this isn’t even close to a bad day, you have so much to be grateful for. And that’s the truth. What I longed for was not sympathy or a shoulder to cry on because, well, what I was experiencing was nothing more than the price of being human. Having emotions. Experiencing life. Being sensitive. Trying to conquer fear with love. A natural process. It’s just a challenge sometimes to go through the motions of life in front of other people, not to mention when working in the public eye. Sometimes we just need what is so beautifully referred to as a “mental health day,” a day where we don’t need to talk to or even interact with anyone. A day where we can be alone with our thoughts, sort through our experience organically. (I always imagine myself at the coast, feet in the sand, wind blowing my hair…no cell phone, totally detached from reality…although, who am I kidding, I’d never turn my cell phone off for a day for fear of an emergency and the moment I got to the beach I’d likely be texting my mom saying aw wish you were here… Ha!). But in reality we need to work, at least I did that day, and so I had to suck it up.

I made it through the day just fine and was ultimately grateful to have caring people around me, people to whom my happiness matters, who appreciate my natural demeanor of positivity and enthusiasm and who are concerned when it goes missing. I anchored in silence and my personal practice once I made it home and had closed the doors on the world for that day, and all was well again.

But something interesting occurred to me in the midst of my funky mood. It struck me in the middle of that day, that day that was spent so very much up in the clouds of my own head, and I realized more than ever how powerful a mechanism of manifestation the mind is. I mean, truly.

Have you ever had one of those days where you fake ill? You tell your boss or your teacher or your parents that you’re unwell, you’re sick, and you have to fake it in order to get away with whatever brought you to weave the untruth in the first place? Whenever I have done this, almost inevitably, the fabricated ailment has taken root in my body. I begin to feel poorly, just because I am using my mind to convince the external world that I am indeed feeling poorly. Even still, with the knowledge that I am just telling a fib, my body responds. The degrees vary, but almost always I shlump to some extent. I fall victim to my thoughts. The result has usually been some measure of guilt for having lied, as well as truly feeling physically crummy. At the very least I have had to remind myself that I am indeed fine, that it had just been an act. Crazy, right?

The mind is a powerful, powerful instrument of change. Manifestation. Creation. I truly believe that it will occupy most of this life, the practice of harnessing and utilizing this power. I am fascinated by the potential. I’ve pondered, and written about, this phenomenon quite a bit…but I never fail to be amazed at how many forms it takes. We are spirit beings on a quest for total liberation from the chatter of the mind. But the mind is not something we’re trying to toss out with the bath water. The mind is a tool, an implement that we can master and employ as we see fit, with practice. If we can work towards freeing ourselves from our own uncontrollable thoughts (or at least learning how to dance with them and not be controlled oby them), we tap into the limitless potential with which we were born.

The mind is a powerful mechanism of manifestation. The way we perceive the world, ourselves, one another, our lives…is up to us. The lens through which we see our experiences writes our reality, our story, the chapters at our heels and the pages beneath our feet. What we are in control of is how we fill the blank pages up ahead. Our thoughts have a physiological effect. We can rewrite the chemistry of our bodies, our physical beings, by altering our thought patterns. How does one go about doing this? Awareness. Practice. Concentration. Faith. All power lies within. Because Divinity lies within us, fills our breath and bones and cells with light. We are Divinity personified. This is the truth, the highest truth, and it’s about time we start recognizing it. Acting accordingly. We have the power to change our thoughts this very moment and, in doing so, we have the power to alter the route of our existence. We have the power to write whatever we want onto the blank sheets of our future. Our bodies believe what our minds say. Our physical chemistry responds to our state of consciousness. So let’s harness that power. The choices is ours. We are earth angels, beings of light, guided by Grace and armed with wisdom.

Our bodies believe what our minds tell us. Our thoughts write our reality.

How does your next chapter start?



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