I Love You on Wednesday Morning

I’m having a very emotional morning. Not in a bad way, just in a very…ALIVE way. That’s the only way I can describe it. I feel viscerally IN my body, IN my humanity, IN my presence. I find tears springing to my eyes at the very thought of this life. Something came to me in the space of dreams that moved me to this precipice, this understanding, in a way unlike I’ve ever before experienced. I read a page of The Work of Byron Katie this morning, as I so often do, either from her work or that of Pema Chodron, Marianne Williamson or Anodea Judith. It was subtle, about letting life live you rather than the other way around, but something in it…something about only having been awake a short spell, something about what occurred in dream land, something about the rawness of my psyche, the openness of my spirit, allowed a new sensation to permeate . . .
We are limitless, made of stardust and bone, celestial matter and flesh. We are heavenly beings not confined by, but resting in human bodies.
This is fact, this I know to my core, and yet it hits me like a pile of bricks this morning. Magic bricks, bricks of bliss; a heavy surge that, despite its wonder, hits me forcefully, knocking me to my knees . . .
It’s good to have very emotional mornings now and then. It’s good to have very emotional evenings, afternoons, pockets of space and moments and entire days. It’s so good to be connected on a holistic level, to let tears stream down both from sadness and ecstasy, fully tapped into the human experience but utterly cognizant of the angelic nature of our very being. The Truth. Embracing the mortal condition, the imperfections and total lack of control because this state does not define nor confine us but rather hold space for our Divine spirits to journey, to transform, to do their Work. It is a resting pace, this body, a means of transportation, a gift. This mind and psyche with all of its compulsions and brilliance, annoyances and irrevocability, is a tool. An instrument. We have been gifted with these interesting lives, so seemingly important on so many levels, to disguise the great purpose with which we all truly exploded into this realm . . . to heal, to draw peace, to spread love, love and more love; to just BE, to rise up, to ground down, to leave no trace but the heavenly sparkle of tenderness, of worship, of compassion.
May we not be distracted or fooled by the human diversions that are placed in our path, or created by our very own intellect. We are here with much bigger jobs than we think, the small details are not who we are nor what we are here to do. They are like stitches in the greater fabric. Minor bits that are here to hold things together, to give some semblance of structure, so we can be otherwise released, free to float and flow, flurry and flourish. So we can be open to our own soul’s transformation, the heavenly air that inflates our human lungs, the bliss of the stardust that comprises our fingers, the Divinity that infuses our eyes and lips and feet. May we awake to our True nature, may it bring us to our knees . . .

Om Namah Shivaya . . . Jai Ma! Namaste.





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