A Flash of Lightning, Energies Colliding

Connecting with someone on an energetic level, reading someone’s energy and simultaneously committing their intricate matrix to your own energetic DNA, coming into contact with someone’s energy and remembering them…this can be a powerful experience and, quite frankly, transcendent.

If you’re an energy sensitive person, like I am, then you probably “get” this, straightway. But if you’re not – and that’s perfectly okay – let me try and explain this experience I had in relative terms…

Call to mind for me, if you will, a feeling. The feeling you get when you have a dream that rocks you. The best way I can describe connecting instantaneously with someone else’s energy is by having you embody the sensation you have after you’ve had an intimate dream about someone. Have you ever had a romantic, sensual or even sexual dream about another person? Particularly someone inappropriate or unsuspecting, like your boss (cringe), the next-door neighbor, an in-law (double cringe) or even someone of the same sex (assuming you’re straight and this feels like it’s out of left field). If you haven’t had this experience, you may be totally freaked out now, possibly even compelled to stop reading (ha). But persevere, bear with me please! I beseech you (can you tell I’ve been watching The Tudors on Netflix?), I promise there’s a juicy point 😉

If you’ve ever dreamt intensely about another person in this way, then you know of what I’m speaking. A person to which, in waking life, you have no real connection, no real attraction to…but, after this dream, you feel suddenly and strongly – magnetically, even – drawn to them. If you’re still with me, then you likely have experienced the ensuing energetic “attachment” that follows such a sleeping life experience. (*Note I didn’t say “real life” versus “dream state” because, inherently, there is no separation. What we experience at night is as palpably relevant to our every cell as is what happens to us in the daylight, if not more so). The weird “crush” you might develop on a person you’ve dreamt about, or the uncomfortable draw to that person in the days following the dream. Your senses tell you that it’s just a bizarre reaction to the dream and it will fade but your energy is locked in, the feeling alive in your body of wanting to think about, be near, possibly even be with said person. Am I speaking to you? The potency with which one’s psyche, spirit and heart are momentarily infiltrated by this intense passion, the senseless manner by which one’s energy is married to this other person’s, cannot easily be captured by words. It’s a feeling, through and through. There aren’t comprehensible explanations. And the feeling flutters away as quickly as it came.

The latter is where this analogy diverges. True energetic connections do not always fade or dissipate, and certainly not with the speed of a dream. They sometimes do, they often can, but it’s not a rule. Whereas the intense or inappropriate dream infatuation does fade every single time, almost certainly (thank goodness, because it’d be really awkward to see the next door neighbor every morning if that never went away…). We likely will remember the dream, but the bind had on us by the accompanying sensation slips away like grains of sand through the cracks of our fingers.

Most of us have experienced these dream-generated infatuations, and even if the dream details aren’t 100% clear, the feeling is fierce. For a couple of days – or maybe it’s only a day, maybe it’s an entire week, it depends on one’s sensitivity and the intensity of the dream as well as the parameters around the space in which that occurred – but usually it’s a few days of feeling really powerfully connected to and drawn to this person. That’s how I feel about spirit connections, energetic level connections. Where you just recognize a soul or lover from a past life, or someone who means something to you in a capacity other than just this physical realm right here right now, disengaged from the roles you play in this world and in these lives. These powerful connections that can’t be explained and must be surrendered to, allowing the sensation to fill your every cell. A sensation of familiarity, extreme comfort, provocation, intimacy, what-have-you. There aren’t any specifics that unite the experience, it’s just felt (how many more times shall I say this is a feeling? I feel I’ve made that point ad nauseum by now, ha!). I’ve had a lot of these connections and the more sensitive and open and aware I become, the deeper I go in my practice, the more it happens. The more I’m awake to it, rather.

So the point is that this happened again to me recently, and I’ve found myself thinking about this person – this perfect stranger (or so I would think) – every single day. When it occurred, they were the one to make a straight shot across the crowd to me. Like a flash of lightning, energies colliding. They felt it first and proceeded to initiate contact; a sincere hug. A hug of two souls remembering, not two strangers converging.

I admit I was a little bit overwhelmed in the moment by the whole experience, unable to truly process and digest what was happening around me, their eyes locking with mine, their enamored expression – my own likely one of puzzlement and ardor – the familiar word exchange, the warm embrace. The connection has somehow grown, despite only spending mere minutes in this person’s presence, and frankly not even fully engaging my energy just for sheer discombobulation. It’s been just over a week now. How strange for the intensity to still be heightening! I am observing it passively, and yet my instinct is to keep asking, “Why?” Why did this happen, what is the significance, why does this happen, what am I supposed to learn from it? I couldn’t help but chuckle at my persistent seeking, my inquiry, because I know deep down why it happened. Why it always happens. Why it will continue to happen. So instead I surrender to the intensity of the sensation; and I find it so interesting because, in my mystification, all I can equate the experience to is the sensation of having a dream about someone! An experience I’ve had again and again since early childhood. The process of how one slowly recalls the dream, the lack of context for how and why such dream passion should manifest physically and tangibly upon waking…but it just does. And you have to ride it out.

It’s a resonant feeling, one that you feel in your flesh and the ether of your being. That’s all I can really use to describe in terms of how it feels. As for why it happens, I gave you my inklings…past life karma, Divine intervention, fate. I truly believe to the very marrow of my being that we find our Tribe members on this path, that we remember one another and who we are to each other, who we have been to each other. I believe life is a series of these paths crossing, crossroads, these detours, and everything is Divine and these people who pass through our lives, whether it’s just someone at the market or a dear friend for life, they’re there for a reason. They are placed in our line of sight, illuminated in white light, made visible on our path, purposefully. Not always for extreme transformations, sometimes just for the most subtle, the faintest, most delicate renewal. Somewhere deep in our beings.

These opportunities litter our path. Our soul mates walk among us, disguised as mere “people,” with whom we draw innumerable contrasts, separating “them” from “us.” Protective measures against our own humanity, veils to live idly behind. A reason not to connect, not to make eye contact A reason not to be vulnerable. A space of perceived safety. A space that is, in reality, a prison. A pane of glass that energy can permeate, so why not just open the window? Why not just hang our legs over the ledge and let the air flow freely between you and I? We have the power to really connect to so many of our Kind. We have the capacity to harness this power. We have the Divine gift to come home to our Kind! So long as we remain open; open to love, open to one another. So long as we practice sensitivy to energy, our own and other, we will remain…flashes of lightning, energies colliding. Conscious collective, initiating shifts; peace rising, fog lifts.


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.51.17 PM


2 thoughts on “A Flash of Lightning, Energies Colliding

  1. Wow, Sara, you are wired in, picking up all the cues and signs the universe offers you. Not an easy thing to do, as they can often be drowned out by the noise of our busy lives. Best of luck in your quest and keep up the great writing. ~Tom

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