I Feel the Earth Move…

Today in yoga we focused on the muladhara chakra. Moving energy from the base of the throat all the way down to the base of the pelvic floor. I presume everyone in the room was as in need of the grounding, meditative thread that was woven into the practice as I was, after the scary 6.1 earthquake that shook our little world at 3:30 this morning.

The dog had been barking before the quake hit. She must’ve intuitively sensed what was to come. As I moved to sit up in bed the force of the rumbling flung me upright and to the edge. I was certain someone was pouncing on my bed. I clambered for my bedside lamp, light ripping through the darkness. As my eyes adjusted, my body moved with the undulating room, the very floor rippling beneath my feet. The shaking world lasted so long I very nearly dropped to my knees at my altar and began to pray. I thought it would never end. And just when I was certain it wouldn’t stop, it did.

I woke this morning to a world more quiet and still than I had seen before. Naturally, it wasn’t that; the breeze swept gently through the trees, sunlight bounced in its many directions, birds sailed through the sky and bugs crawled across the earth. But something felt so supremely still, after a night of such earth-shattering magnitude. I sat in the sun in my backyard, quiet and unmoving, sipping a smoothie and contemplating events of natural force. Reveling at the power and prowess of Mother Nature; holding lightly the Truth that no human could stop the force that She is, while cultivating trust and peace in Her despite the unknown. 

There was some sincere damage done, including homes burned down by power lines falling, and a deep chasm tearing through the street in one town. My own parents’ house had things knocked off the shelves, a massive mirror fall and shatter, spraying glass across the living room, pottery and plants falling and smashing on the hardwood (fortunately they were away on holiday and not there to be even more frightened by the deafening blows of shattering glass). But no harm was done to anyone I know and love, for which I am abundantly grateful. Of the 70 who were counted as injured, I have heard of no serious injuries (and pray that is still the case). We are spectacularly blessed that the quake was not stronger. I hold space for faith that this was the main event and no stronger shake is coming. I thank the Divine Mother for keeping us safe and steady while she shook our foundation, keeping us ever aware and mindful of where and how we place our feet. My friend Dave said it perfectly, “Woken up by Mother Earth, reminding us that she still runs things around here, we’re all just visiting…”

If that 6.1 didn’t shake loose whatever we were stubbornly holding onto, I don’t know what will…a timely new moon release, I say. Shaking furiously from our grip what we obstinately clung to, making space, bringing us to our knees. Emptying us and readying our containers to be filled. The new moon is tomorrow morning. Such an apropos rattling; like the shake of a snow globe. Everything is more clear and silent once the flurry has settled…

Gratitude for stillness today in the wake of midnight forces of Nature. Muladhara focus. Rooting down. Anchoring. Establishing the security that only we can offer ourselves…that not even our homes or the earth can offer us. Only this, our True Nature, is unshakeable, unbreakable. Only this…

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Wake up, pay attention…turn eyes toward the blackened sky, palms up, releasing our intentions upwards into the inky canopy overhead. On the last day of the lunar month, we have been shaken free. Shaken violently and irrevocably free by our Mother, a reminder that we cannot move forward if we are weighted by our pasts…we cannot receive if our hands are full of what no longer serves us. In the earth’s tremor we drop what we’re carrying and grip onto ourselves and one another for dear life. In the emptying of our hands, we find they are now holding more than ever before…


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