What Else is this Life For?

What is this life for if not to love one another fiercely? What is this life for if not to tap into the inner workings of our souls, the very essence of our passion? 
It can be daunting to look out on the devastation in our world; poverty; the destruction of our environment; unacceptable cruelty towards human beings and animals; massacre-like depletion of resources…it’s hard not to think, “How could I, just one small person, make any significant difference at all?” But you do. I do. We do. Our thoughts and intentions are like tiny drops of dew on a sinewy spiders web…just one will cause the entire web to vibrate. The more drops that fall, the more the threads shake, the more the vibration is transferred to every fiber of the web. Small dewdrops, steady and consistent, could quench our parched earth. Don’t give up. Persist.

Make an effort, make many small efforts, every single day. Know that, while the reservoir may not fill with one thought or the efforts of one day, that the thread is shaking. You are making a vibration with your very thought and action, your commitment to collective healing. We are energetic beings and we learn from one another. No thing is too great to conquer if we all make many small efforts, every single day. Your vibration matters. More so, it is imperative to the whole. We need you. Stand up, spread love, alter the frequency of our time with your fierce love, passion and intention. It matters. I feel the threads quivering already…



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