Permission to be Human

Why do we create such high expectations for ourselves? Why do we set ourselves up for stress? We are biologically wired to thrive at a steady pace, with bursts of speed and regulating bouts of slowness. We are designed to constantly find harmony holistically, and yet we override these instincts based on standards of the intellect. Our MINDS create these bars, and raise them so high, that our poor bodies have to struggle to keep up. Think: perfectionism, overachieving, overworking, overexercising, extreme dieting, attempting to be the perfect partner, self-deprication, envy…
These unrealistic expectations manifest on a physical level, and our health declines as a result. Mental, emotional AND physical health. There is no separation. It’s all connected.
So take a moment to look at your daily life. Where can you make space? Can you recognize the patterns your own mind has created, the bars you have raised abnormally high in the pursuit of perfection? Perfection is an illusion. What you ARE is perfect. 
You have the power to identify the chattering mind as well-intentioned but not the best captain of your ship. You have the capacity to let your soul take the wheel…to softly shut your eyes, let intuition begin to guide you, easing gracefully into the slow bouts and fluidly through the fast bursts. Present and patient with every turn, but welcoming the stumbles and face plants that are an inevitable part of the human condition, the human journey. 
We do not have to live till death do us part with these high expectations, these “rules” and regulations that don’t serve our Highest potential. We can rewrite our unique commandments at any time, on any given day. We can set ourselves up for pleasure and harmony by thwacking our stress factors off at the knees. Toying with our own perfect equation as a chef would a recipe. A little more pepper, a little less salt, a few bay leaves…a little more laughter, a little less stress, a few deep breaths… 
We are the master chefs and grand captains of this thing we call life. Happiness is an inside job. Nobody can set us on a steady pace but ourselves. No one understands our inner rhythms and our intimate response to the outside world but us. WE must be the ones to instigate change. 
Give yourself permission to be human, and then get to rewriting your perfect formula…


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