Look Up

I awakened this morning to a message of love, grounding and gratitude, from the heart of one of my dearest friends. It was the perfect inspiration to help give words to what I am feeling this day. In remembering the tragic and resounding loss that occurred on this day all those years ago, we are not only anchored to one another, but also to our own mortality. Masked honestly as pure sympathy and emotion, the most gut-wrenching part is truly the aching we feel for those who suffered such unfathomable loss at the hands of 9/11. It is a visceral reminder of our own mortality. The, “that could have been me,” feeling that slithers through one’s veins, silent but deadly. All too real. It is not a reaction of selfishness but one of raw, unadulterated humanity. I was reminded of a favorite quote this morning, “It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply.” It is so hard not to be a sponge for others’ pain, inadvertently absorbing their suffering in an involuntary act of unification, solidarity. It is not wrong, it is beautiful. But, as beautiful as this instinctual response is, I pose us this one pivotal question – how can we love more TODAY? The Beings of Light who returned home this day 13 years ago, the heroes who selflessly perished in acts of service, the beautiful loved ones left behind on this earth to grapple with the horror of life without them, it’s a haunting and painful truth…we shower them with love and tears, honor and remembrance. But, these sweet souls, would we have just walked past them before, on the street? Would we have felt our oneness with them if not for this tragedy, offering us a direct channel to their pain and humanness? Would we have prayed for them and held them in our arms? Would we have wept for their sorrows and held the door open for them? Would we have volunteered our seat on the train or offered a smile with our eyes and faces in passing? That’s what I hope we can take from tragedy. All tragedy. We cannot undo the horrors that have been done. But we can commit to the simple act of loving more TODAY. Loving EVERYONE more, this day and everyday. Because we never know where someone has been, or where their journey will take them. As an act of peace and living prayer, as an act of HEALING, may we commit to saturating our every day in LOVE. May we vow to love one another more NOW. Without any reason other than it is all there is really time for in this life. May we send love outward in waves. And today, may we wrap the suffering in our warm veil of support, and may we do our part to focus our intense love towards those around us. The ones we pass by everyday. Our greatest power… May we look up. May we SEE one another. May we start now. And may we never forget.



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