Soften and Surrender

Early tomorrow morning is the rising of the Blood Moon, and a total eclipse of the full moon. This moon is the Hunter’s Moon (the full moon following the Harvest Moon) but is being referred to as the “Blood Moon” as it is part of a lunar tetrad and ancient prophecy. All that aside…this full moon is bringing the heat. POTENT energy abounds…it’s yours to harness, my loves.

Mercury is also retrograde, meaning don’t be surprised if things go completely wonky (and I mean DON’T be surprised – this coming from someone who has, in the last 12 hours, had nearly every plan for the next MONTH get flipped on its head). Be extra mindful driving and where cars and electronics are concerned (again – take it from me, my car is currently tripling its original repair estimate as of 7am today, thanks Mercury!). More importantly, though, is how we react to these events. You may skate through retrograde without a hiccup, as many of us have before, and this Blood Moon may rock your friggin’ socks, being the wind in your sails, fortifying all the good and abundant already swirling around your personal little Universe (and I fist pump you heartily if that’s the case!).

But, if it’s not the case, you are in good company…and what matters most, what is absolutely vital, is that we react MINDFULLY to the circumstances. That we look quietly at the hand we’re dealt, chew on it, and don’t act without thinking. Being brash or overly emotional in these situations when there’s a full moon is like tossing a lit match into a puddle of gasoline. Just don’t do it. I have said it again and again but feel the need to reiterate (for my own sake, if no one else’s!), the full moon amplifies whatever is going on, especially internally.

So try and take a deep breath, go inside for a moment, have a little talk with yourself (yes, this is me talking to me, take what you will from it loves), and – most importantly – trust the process. Use the magnified essence of the Blood Moon to cultivate what harmony and surrender you can around the changeable circumstances and uncontrollable bumps that may occur in and on your path. We are in this together. Our sweet, sacred Divine Mother wishes nothing but to facilitate our highest good and necessary growth. We must trust, we must know, that sometimes these “what the F*CK” experiences are the only available mode of transportation in getting to that place of clarity.

Tonight, wherever you are, take a moment to get out beneath the waxing moon. Maybe say a little prayer. Maybe say nothing. Close your eyes, turn your face upward, and let her light soften your features. Leave your crystals and stones outside to charge beneath her radiance (assuming it’s not raining where you are and your crystals are in a safe place). Sit in meditation afterwards, inside, and take some deep breaths. Focus on your intentions and harness the sweet nectar of the moon to help give the manifestation of these dreams the extra gusto they need. Drink water. Put your legs up the wall for a few minutes. Ground into the earth. Indulge in a little bedtime ritual (candles, journal, soft music, eye pillow) and make sure you allot enough time to foster restful sleep. Ask for illuminating dreams. Then release. Soften and surrender. Breathe deep, seek peace.

Let love in.

Om shanti, shanti, shantihi . . . Om peace, peace, peace.



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