Just Show Up

While I am supremely grateful for all of the love and abundance that IS my life, some of which is a result of living in this modern world, I have a GNARLY bone to pick with modern society.

Or, rather, the fucked up messages that modern society projects.

We are not meant to be perfect. I repeat: WE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE PERFECT. Perfection is some illusion, existing in frozen hell land where pigs fly and Donald Trump is president (shudder). Human beings were never (EVER) intended to be flawless. We weren’t intended to all be one size (yep, you heard me ladies, you aren’t SUPPOSED to personify Barbie’s inhuman measurements…your thighs are allowed to touch, having breasts is pretty freaking neat – being predisposed to pencil legs and a flat chest is rockin’ too, so long as you’re thriving in your natural body frame, you are doing it right! And men, size does matter – the size of your heart, your smile, the expanse of your embrace, the width of your smile, the depth of your gaze, your capacity to LOVE and stand in your power and be vulnerable and hold space). We weren’t meant to all speak, dress, act the same way. We aren’t robots programmed to be without fault.

We are messy. We are complicated. Walking with fear, standing in it, is a necessary part of our evolution. Sometimes not a Goddamn THING in the Universe makes sense. It’s okay. Be afraid. Be imperfect (because that’s what we ALL are, and it’s not an antonym – it’s a glorious, universal adjective). Just show up. In all your messy, complicated, scared-shitless magic…SHOW. UP. The rest will follow. ♡



2 thoughts on “Just Show Up

  1. Well, I got to say that this short riff is near perfect, explosive and on target, not wasteful, alive with bristling energy. (It probably is perfect, but you’re right, Sara, something about what is best in us is imperfect, and I’m going to give this splendid outburst the benefit of the doubt.) It rocks gorgeously, and I’m glad it JUST IS. Thanks.

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