A prayerful affirmation for body, for mind, for spirit.

Repeat after me:

“Dearest Self-
Exhale. Soften. Surrender.
There is no reason to worry. I’ve got your back, and your front, and your sides. I am a l w a y s on your side.
I promise to let go of everything that I think that I know, so that I may stay open to the truth in all of its forms. You can depend on me to lead you to what feels good, to seek out the light, to protect rather than punish you.
I vow to always celebrate you, never taking you for granted. Every day I will endeavor to drench you with loving energy.
Please forgive me for any and all harm I’ve brought upon you in the past. Let’s agree that it was a journey needed to get us to this place, together, united. One single entity.
I understand now that in unconditionally and compassionately loving YOU, I am taught how to extend this same healing vibration outwards. I understand now that this practice is the sole (and soul) reason we are here. And I shall devote myself to it, with every ounce of my being, from this moment forward. OM.” ૐ


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