You Are Already That Which You Are Trying To Be

I came across this Osho quote last night and shared it on social media because POW.




How’s that for a truth bomb?

It really just so undeniably IS. Truth. Reality. Wisdom. That which you are trying to be, you already ARE.

Even for those who are studying (my latest obsession has become Herbalism), even for those with big dreams (who amongst us doesn’t fall into that category?), even for those who believe they have so far to go before they “get there” (you’re already “there”!!!)…you’re already it. It’s already you.

That person who’s becoming a doctor, is already the skilled, determined, intelligent being that it takes to commit to such a practice. The person who’s trying to strike big with acting, is already the talented, thick-skinned, quirky, hilarious individual required to don such a cloak. The person who’s aspiring to a life of manifestation, spirituality, intuition, yoga, holistic living, is already doing that work just by calling such a vision into mind.

Do you see?

One cannot even give birth to an idea of what one wishes to be, without already being the beginning stages of that vision.

Whether it’s more creative, kinder, softer, more self-assured, harder-working, more adventurous, a better partner…you.already.are.

That limitless potential already exists within each and every one of us. That inherent drive to bring this inspiration. That latent energy to be. It is all there, already. The urge, the desire to embody it is not some pipe dream, it is in fact your sweet, sacred intuition whispering to you, and you ready to receive it.

Please do not let the lower mind, the ego, the [sadly] primary operator of consciousness [for most of us] squash this heavenly alarm. This blinding call to be what you have already been divinely programmed to be. Do not let “can’t” or “should” or “what if?” be a part of this conversation. This holy intelligence. This sanctified conversation between you and God (the God of your own unique understanding, of course).

Step into it. Adorn thyself with the cloak of magic that is not an apparition but a physical, tangible presence in the wardrobe. Speak your vision into existence. Even if it feels foreign and heavy on your tongue; even if the cloak feels too big, or too small; even if you feel like an actor on a stage who never received a copy of the script. Very seldom is the discomfort a beacon of Grace, guiding you away from the light to which you were drawn.

Occasionally, yes, but more often than not the discomfort is born of the ego. Virtually all of the time we feel uncomfortable and out of place stepping into our power because we are unconsciously setting up obstacles in our own path. Because staying put is more safer than growing. Growth is uncomfortable. Change is scary. These moments are us letting the ego tell us that something feels wrong, that we aren’t enough, that we’ve made a mistake. The ego. That wretched, albeit essential, beast that races along at our heels, beckoning us backward.

You know what I like to say to that little creature, when she bids me look backwards? Without turning my head I reply, “No, thank you. I’m not going that way.”