About BodyKarma

Sara Courter is a Northern California writer, yoga teacher, certified wellness counselor and holistic nutritionist. She believes deeply in walking barefoot through nature, intuitively eating plant-based foods, holistic healing and preserving our sweet, sacred mother earth.

Sara holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Creative Writing and is a YogaWorks trained yoga teacher. Certified as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor through AIVS, Sara also became midway a Certified Holistic Nutritionist through Bauman College in Spring of 2015.

She’s a lover of poetry, animals, the misty perfection of the seaside, Brit Lit, herbal teas, the SF Giants and is a self-professed DIY junkie.

For more information on Body Karma, Sara Courter and her business Body Karma, visit http://www.saracourter.com




22 thoughts on “About BodyKarma

  1. I have to agree. And I also love Josephine Wall’s arts very much (ever since she’s done some drawings of Britney Spear’s Single CD Cover for “Everytime”. Adorable picture of yourself, also 🙂

  2. I moved to the desert with my husband who is in the Air Force. It is a desert in a myriad of ways, leaving me with a longing to connect with authentic, awakened individuals who are not afraid to ask the big questions. I read your blog daily. It brings me peace in this lonely place. Thanks.

    • I’m so glad you found me Celeste! You are so kind 🙂 I’m thankful our paths have crossed and that my words resonate with you. Sending you light and love.

  3. I’m holistic advocate as well! It’s nice that found your blog. I can’t find that many blogs dedicated to the Holistic way of life so yours is refreshing. Definitely will be following. We both adore Hippocrates! 😉

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  5. I love your articles about naturopathy. I found your blog when I was searching the topic about herbs and yoga. Honestly, I choose your tumblr site than this. It’s easier to read. Perhaps, you can manage your categories based on the topics you like. Keep writing, though. Well done 🙂

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